21 Jun
How to Get the Best From Your Employees

There’s no doubt that today’s customers expect excellent service. And if you’re going to compete with large chains like Home Depot or Lowe’s, then your services needs to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to get your team on the same page. To them, working at your dealership might just be a job. So how can you motivate your team so that your customers are receiving the best service (and, in turn, walking through your door again and again)?

1. Define What Excellent Customer Service MEANS

Many owners want their team to provide excellent customer service. But, this means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

You need to write out exactly what “Excellent Customer Service” means to YOU. And, post the list somewhere where everyone on your team can see it.

Your team needs to see that the customer is the most important person in the business, even more important than you. Go over the list with them, emphasizing why each element is so vital to the success of the dealership. After all, if customers don’t continue to come through the door, then the doors are going to close. Once your team fully understands this, they’ll hop on board.

2. Make Sure You’re Hiring the Best

Your employees are often the first people to interact with your customers, which is why you need to focus on hiring the very best employees you can find.

When you’re hiring, make sure your short-list of applicants take a drug test before your final decision. This will let you know who shouldn’t be trusted to work in your store.

It’s also important for you to pay attention to their personality. Do they talk easily to others? Are they well-groomed? Do they smile often?

You should also check and make sure that they’re comfortable using a computer. Put them in front of your OPE point of sale software, and just go through the basics with them. The faster they are on the computer, the less time your customers are going to have to wait.

Remember, this person is going to be interacting with your customers, representing your business. Choose someone who’s going to make a great impression. A good rule of thumb is to hire slowly, and fire quickly!

3. Never Make Training a One-Shot Affair

Many employees get trained when they start at a dealership. And then, that’s it.

Successful dealerships know that training should be continuous. The more experts you have on your team, the more your customers are going to keep coming back for the priceless advice they’re giving out.

Training is essential to creating a great team. Contact your suppliers and see if they can come out at least once per year for training sessions.

4. Make Sure Your Team Understands Their Worth

Does your team understand how valuable they are. Probably not.

So, let them know regularly what a great job they’re doing. Remind them, on a personal level, why you hired them. Hold them accountable for your dealership’s goals.

The more your team sees how much you value them the more pride they’re going to take in their work. They’ll feel a sense of ownership in the dealership which will, in turn, show up in the way they treat customers.

Last Word…

Getting your team on the same page as you when it comes to customer service isn’t that hard. All you have to do is give first: give them training, support, and a clear list of your expectations. Make sure they understand that you value them, and keep reminding them on a regular basis why you hired them. The more pride they feel in your dealership, the better they’re going to perform.