08 Apr
NEWEST Version of Ideal Business Software Provides Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers with the Latest in Cutting-Edge Technology

Cedar Rapids, IA – April 1, 2010 – Ideal Computer Systems, the leading provider of business management software for Outdoor Power Equipment dealers, is pleased to announce the release of Ideal 7.0 – its most powerful software to date.  Included in this new version is the ability to Schedule Appointments, view Key Performance Indicators on a mobile device, and finance deals with a fully-integrated F&I (Finance and Insurance) package. “We’ve […]

05 Apr
How to Set Your Dealership Apart From Your Competition

All of us have competition. Even if you’re located in a small town, 50 miles away from the nearest city, you still have competition. Where’s it coming from? Our competition comes from other local dealerships, big box stores like Home Depot, and even the Internet. These days, OPE dealers are hit from all sides, and it can be a real challenge to keep customers coming in your door when they […]

29 Mar
How to Hire the Best Technicians for Your Shop

As an owner, you’ve probably gone through your fair share of technicians. Finding talented, hard workers can be incredibly difficult, and choosing the wrong person can be very costly. But, there are some strategies you can use to put together an effective, hard working team in your dealership. Everything starts with your interview process.  Many dealers spend a minimal amount of time talking to applicants during interviews. This is especially […]

22 Mar
Keeping Your Technicians Motivated

When it comes to your shop, your profitability rests on several factors. And, one of the biggest factors is your technicians. The faster, more efficient they work, the more profitable your shop is going to be. But, how can you keep your team motivated and working hard without feeling like an owner who’s just looking at the bottom line all the time? First, it helps to understand what motivates your […]

17 Mar
How to Determine Effective Hourly Labor Rates In Your Dealership

If you want to build efficiency into your dealership then you need to have effective labor rates. But, many dealers don’t spend enough, or any, time figuring out a good rate. The good news is there is an effective way to come up with an accurate labor rate that’s specific to your business. And, it will help ensure that your shop is consistently making money year after year. Let’s start […]

05 Mar
Are You Making These Common Mistakes In Your Service Department?

When it comes to the service department, most dealers know they need one. But, many don’t think they can have a service department that actually makes money. For instance, imagine you have 3 technicians in your service department. You’re paying each of them $40,000 in labor and benefits, which adds up to $120,000 per year. But your service department is only bringing in $115,000 per year. And that doesn’t include […]

23 Feb
Two Unique Strategies for Increasing Sales

In this economy dealers are scrambling for ways to increase sales so they don’t have to close their doors. Here are two strategies for doing just that! Strategy 1: Turn Employees into Owners It’s the question every dealer wants an answer to: “How can I get my employees to do what I want them to do, and keep them motivated to work hard?” Unfortunately, we’re all out of magic wands. […]

15 Feb
How to Compete with the Big Box Stores

Unless you’re in a remote rural area, then your dealership is probably competing with a big box store like Lowe’s or Home Depot. The stores are everywhere and many dealers are wondering, especially in this recession, how they can compete with these discounting giants and still stay in business. Well, the bad news is that you probably can’t compete with the big box stores, at least on price. They simply […]

09 Feb
Earn More By Creating a Positive Atmosphere In Your Dealership

Photo © by lumaxart There’s no doubt that OPE dealers have it rough when it comes to their customer base. Think about your average customer for a minute. He’s been out mowing grass, which he doesn’t like to do, when suddenly his mower breaks. Now he’s irritated because he’s got to stop what he’s doing to head up to your shop to see if you’ve got the part he needs […]

03 Feb
Saving Money with Strategic Inventory Management

Any outdoor power equipment dealer knows that when it comes to making a profit, inventory management is vital. And in a down economy it becomes even more important. By strategically managing your inventory, however, you can make a big difference in your bottom line. During the slow time of year, your parts inventory should only be 20% of what your inventory was at peak of the season. For instance, if […]