29 Mar
Lakes Area Powersports Uses Ideal Software to Become a โ€œBetter Businessโ€

Weโ€™re pleased to announce that Lakes Area Powersports, a dealership in Walker, Minnesota, owned by Doug and Mary Jo Wolter, was able to use the Ideal powersports software to help each department generate more profits and deliver better customer service.

โ€œWe predict continued growth as we keep looking for ways to increase revenue and better serve our customers,โ€ said Mary Jo. โ€œUsing the Ideal system is going to help get us there. Having accurate inventory and financials, as well as the guys using mobile tablets and tracking efficiencies โ€“ that just makes us a better business.โ€

According to Mary Jo, one of the most helpful tools that Lakes Area Powersports now has is Idealโ€™s mobile app, which has drastically improved the performance of her Parts and Service departments.

โ€œOur techs have the mobile app on their tablets and have just started using the โ€˜clockโ€™ feature to log their time on each job,โ€ said Mary Jo. โ€œThe Parts and Service Manager is actively using the scheduler, and we constantly discover new functionalities to enhance the business.โ€

The app has also helped Mary Jo become better at monitoring employee performance.

โ€œNow, we can see how much theyโ€™re being charged for each job and how much time each job is taking,โ€ said Mary Jo. โ€œItโ€™s been beneficial for them and for us to track.โ€

To get more details on how Lakes Area Powersports has used Ideal to improve its customer service, check out our in-depth interview with Mary Jo Wolter.