23 Feb
Two Unique Strategies for Increasing Sales

In this economy dealers are scrambling for ways to increase sales so they don’t have to close their doors. Here are two strategies for doing just that!

Strategy 1: Turn Employees into Owners

It’s the question every dealer wants an answer to: “How can I get my employees to do what I want them to do, and keep them motivated to work hard?

Unfortunately, we’re all out of magic wands. But the good news is, there’s another solution!

That solution is this: you’ve got to get your team thinking like an owner. If you treat them like an employee then they’ll act like an employee. After all, the harder they work the richer you get. So where’s their motivation?

You need to get them involved in the success of the business so that they’re rewarded when the business does well. This creates a sense of ownership.

To do this, you need to create a performance based incentive program that includes not only your sales and service departments, but also the rest of your office staff so all employees are involved.

If you want to really set up a successful performance based incentive program then it’s important to pay out to your team at least once a month, if not every two weeks. This will keep them excited, and remind them that rewards really do come if they work hard to better the dealership.

Many dealers only pay out at the end of the year, but this is a mistake. Paying out once per year won’t get your team excited, because the reward is too far off, too remote.

So, how will performance incentives help make money for your shop?

Well, if your team knows they’re going to get a financial reward for a set goal, like higher efficiency or increased sales, and they know they’re going to get that reward in two weeks, then they’re going to work extremely hard to hit that goal. This means that your dealership will have lower costs and/or increased sales because of their efforts.

When they profit because of the dealership’s success, then they’re going to feel just like you. They’re going to feel like an owner, and it won’t be just a “job” to them.

Having reliable outdoor power equipment office management software is the best way to keep track of the metrics that measure your employees’ performance. These metrics could be efficiency, weekly sales, or even lowest number of customer complaints. Tracking how well your team is performing is the best way to ensure you’re paying them the correct bonus.

Strategy 2: Increase Your Sales with Family Events

One of the easiest ways you can help increase sales in your dealership is by holding events geared toward your customers and their families. Family events work best in dealerships whose customer base is 70% consumer and 30% is commercial.

You could plan an event like “family fun days”. This is essentially a party you’re throwing for your customers, and their kids. Incorporate balloons, scavenger hunts (you can do these indoors in winter!), games, demonstrations…use your imagination!

Holding a family event on Saturdays is a great way to get people into your store. And compared to what you might spend on ads or commercials, it’s an incredibly cheap way to market to your customers.

Bring out your grill and have some of your employees cook hot dogs and hamburgers. Have plenty of soda and water on hand, and some brownies for dessert. You could also rent an inflatable bouncing tent for the kids (which would leave their parents free to shop!)

It would also be smart to run a special “family sale” just for the event.

Family events are great for building rapport with customers and making them see that your dealership is truly part of the community. And in this shaky economic climate, that’s a marketing strategy that’s just going to pay off.