Webinar-on-Demand: Maximizing Postseason Profitability

As dealerships make the transition from peak to postseason, thoughts begin looming about the slow season and the cash burn most dealerships go through waiting for the next peak season to begin. Postseason is the perfect time to reset your dealership and burn off excess parts and wholegoods inventory, evaluate your staff, your processes in service, parts and sales, and prepare yourself for any changes you may want to make in your business practices before 2017.

During this webinar, Bob Clements and Dave Baumgarten will share with you some simple yet powerful ways you can position yourself and keep the cash burn of your slow season to a minimum in order to position yourself for a strong and profitable 2017.



Note: From the 5:30-6:08 mark and the 56:14-57:28 mark Bob’s audio fades in and out.

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