20 May
5 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Current System
5 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Current System

Most successful dealerships require some sort of system to effectively track finances, labor, inventory and countless other variables. Plenty of computer programs seem to get the job done, with QuickBooks being one of the more popular choices among dealerships. However, many systems have adopted a “one size fits all” mentality, meaning that they aim to please every business at once – from hair salons to accounting firms – and thus […]

12 May
3 Questions to Help You Understand Your Dealership’s Health
dealership health blog preview

How do you measure whether your dealership is healthy? Is it based on your inventory levels, the appearance of your dealership, or how your employees are doing? These are all good indicators of your dealership’s health. But, the most important factor is if your dealership is balanced. 1. What numbers should I be looking at for my dealership’s health? The numbers that indicate your dealership’s health are found in your […]

09 May
6 Reasons Why Cloud-Based Data is Critical for your Dealership

6 Reasons Why Cloud-based Data is Critical for your Dealership When it comes to dealership data, there have historically been two main options: on-premise and cloud-based. Many dealers are still relying on outdated on-premise servers because it’s worked for them so far – but things are changing. As technology continues to evolve, cloud-based data is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons including security, affordability, and flexibility. When you switch to […]

04 May
Top 5 OPE Dealer Frequently Asked Questions
OPE FAQ Blog Preview Image

We know that as dealership owners, you’ve got a lot of things to keep track of at any given time which might leave you with a lot of burning questions about your business. That’s why, based on feedback from other OPE dealers, we put together a list of their 5 most frequently asked questions. With expert insights and advice from Sara Hey, Vice-President of Bob Clements International, we answer those […]

04 May
Are You Considering Opening a New Location?
Opening a New Location Feature Image

Are you considering expanding your outdoor power equipment business by opening a new dealership location? Whether you’re opening your second dealership location, or your tenth, it can be a daunting task! There are many important factors to consider before taking the plunge, and it often feels overwhelming. To help you determine if it’s the right next step for growing your dealership, we’ve teamed up with Sara Hey to identify 6 […]

12 Apr
The Service Manager’s Monthly Checklist
service manager's checklist blog preview image

This article originally appeared in OPE Business Magazine. One of the most unique and exciting places in Main Street America is the service department in an outdoor power equipment dealership. It can be chaotic as heck, or a well-oiled machine (yes, yes, pun intended). One thing is certain: an orderly shop does not happen by accident. Small shops are often maintained by the gut and with pen and paper, but […]

12 Apr
The Dealership Manager’s Monthly Checklist
owner and GM checklist

This article originally appeared in OPE Business Magazine. In the OPE business, where no two days seem alike, one of the greatest challenges for an owner or manager is consistency. It’s pretty easy to remember to catch the lights, the alarm, the gate, and some of the obvious daily tasks. But what if somebody leaves the company and you find that something major was slipping through the cracks, like filing […]

12 Apr
5 Tips for Dealing with Supply Chain Disruptions

This article originally appeared in OPE Business Magazine. The supply chain backlogs that have burdened the industry for over a year now have carried over into this year. But despite the difficulty obtaining new equipment and parts, OPE sales are still going strong. While the situation is largely out of our control, there are things within your control that you can do to mitigate the challenges caused by supply chain […]

04 Apr
How to Gather Feedback from Dealership Customers Year-Round to Drive Repeat Business

It’s never been easier for customers to go online and find a competitive product at a competitive price. How can we make sure that doesn’t happen? It’s more important than ever to master customer relationships and part of that means understanding feedback. We may not equate customer feedback to loyalty. We may think feedback equals, let’s say, an upset customer. Sure, that’s part of it—but feedback is primarily not about […]

22 Feb
Service and Parts Department Performance Metrics You Should Be Tracking in 2022

Service and Parts Department Performance Metrics You Should Be Tracking in 2022 Are you a service or parts department manager wondering what dealership performance metrics you should be tracking in 2022? In this blog, we outline some key metrics you should be tracking, with the help of industry experts with 20+ years of experience. After speaking with Bob Clements, we’ve put together a list of key metrics each department manager […]