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Ideal Cloud

Focus on running your business, not maintaining your dealership system.

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Parts Locator

Find the parts you need at nearby dealerships via an easy-to-use search functionality.



Drive repeat business all year round.


Quickbooks Interface

Make all your transactions and invoices flow from Ideal to QuickBooks automatically.

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TargetCRM Mobile

Manage business communications from anywhere.

Integrated Payments

Process payments more efficiently with our integrated solution.

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Finance & Insurance

Effectively quote payments and manage deal documents.

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Shopping Cart

Import order files from most 3rd party online shopping cards to create new Sales Orders within Ideal.


Build real-time integrations between Ideal data and your e-commerce websites.


Create real-time connectivity between Ideal and your ARI Endeavor Mini-site.

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Parts Price List

Automatically update your price lists for manufacturers and distributors for more accurate pricing and part numbers.

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Parts Image Interface

Upload images of parts into your Ideal system to quickly identify parts across multiple locations from one easy-to-use interface.


Accounts Payable

Automatically post entries & accurately track finances.

General Ledger

Track and optimize your cash flow from one place.

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Easily integrate payroll with CenterPoint Redwing.

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Manufacturer Interfaces

Having the right software is only part of your overall business success. That's why we have developed many partnerships with highly-regarded leaders across the industries we serve to provide you with the best products, service, and training needed to achieve maximum results.