Automate and Grow the OPE Side of Your Hardware Business

If your current business software cannot adequately handle the outdoor power equipment (OPE) side of your hardware business, then consider an affordable alternative with 30+ years of proven success.

Turn Your OPE Division into a Profit Center


Lean On Our Experience

Ideal successfully integrates with a variety of other software solutions, so if you already have a system for managing your hardware operations, you can continue using it.


Have Full Customer History in One Place

Use one shared customer profile across the entire OPE division to keep up-to-date customer information, including phone numbers, addresses, previous purchases, interests and so on.


Monitor Every Aspect of Your OPE Business

Use our customizable dashboards to gain insight into every aspect of your OPE division in order to easily identify opportunities for improvement and growth.


Be More Connected with Your Suppliers

Our long-standing relationships with key manufacturers and suppliers in the OPE industry allow you to connect with them directly through our system, automating warranty claims, product registrations and parts ordering. See Them All >>



A Proven Business Solution

Find Out Why Hardware Businesses Love Ideal

Watch this video to see how Rylee’s Ace Hardware used Ideal to boost its power equipment shop sales by 40%:


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