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See how much more you can generate in sales with TargetCRM.

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How many people sell
your equipment,
parts & service?

What is your average
annual parts &
service sales revenue?

$ 1,000,000

What is your average
annual equipment
sales revenue?

$ 1,500,000

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TargetCRM will increase your dealership's productivity significantly. In most dealerships, every person selling your equipment, parts, & service will get an extra 45 minutes per day to focus on making more sales.

Extra time to focus on selling: 783 Hours per year

In dollar amounts, this will translate into:

Parts & Service Sales Increase from
Increased Productivity

$ 20,000

Equipment Sales Increase from
Selling Effectively

$ 45,000

Total Sales Increase from Better
Customer Ratings

$ 12,500


Your estimated increase in annual sales is $ 77,500 or more