Easy, Fast & Simple Customer Interactions

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From first contact to post-sale – TargetCRM turns every customer interaction into a growth opportunity

Streamline customer engagement

Support your customers across their entire purchasing journey. Manage how and when you engage with them along the way.

Reach customers where they are

Keep pace with your on-the-go customers. Use text messages, emails, or Facebook Messenger to share updates, promotions, and offer support.

Maximize sales & customer satisfaction

Create unique customer lists based on sales history, product interest, or lifecycle stage to drive targeted sales strategies and maximize customer conversion rates.

Integrated Platform for Sales & Marketing

Real-time access to your DMS means you no longer need to manage multiple customer lists.

Synced updates ensure contact data, transaction history, and inventory are always available for a better customer experience.

Recipient of the 2023 & 2024 Nifty50 Award
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Now it’s a simple, hey, your machine’s finished. You can come get it anytime. It takes us 10 seconds or 15 seconds. It’s definitely a time-saver for quick notifications.

Darvin Martin,
Ebling’s Service Plus

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Reduction in voicemails


Open rate for text messages

Reach More Customers with Less Effort. Use Texts.

With TargetCRM, you can communicate with more customers using text messaging and scale up your customer interactions without compromising quality.

  • Instant Updates

    Send quick updates, confirmations, and reminders.

  • Higher Open Rates

    Texts are opened and read almost immediately.

  • Easy Transactions

    Allow customers to respond and complete payments.

  • Maximize Your Time

    Spend less time on phone calls and voicemails.

Enhance Your Online Reputation & Get More Customer Reviews

Grow your online presence by making it easier for your happiest customers to leave online reviews.

  • Monitor customer satisfaction to enhance your dealership’s reputation
  • Boost your online presence with positive customer reviews
  • Gather valuable customer feedback

Thanks to it, we now have a ton of positive reviews online. What TargetCRM does is that it takes a bad review and notifies you immediately, so you can go and fix the problem.

Brandon Crawford,
ATS Outdoors

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See how TargetCRM can transform your customer interactions.


Get answers to common questions about TargetCRM:

Does TargetCRM integrate with Ideal?

Yes. TargetCRM integrates with Ideal, ensuring all your customer data, transaction history, and inventory information are synced in real-time.

How does text messaging work?

TargetCRM allows you to send updates, promotions, and reminders and even accept payments directly via SMS. This lets you reach customers quickly and provide a convenient way for them to interact with your dealership.

What kind of training and support is available?

We provide comprehensive training sessions online and on-site to help your team get the most out of TargetCRM. Learn more about our customer support and training here: https://www.idealcomputersystems.com/customer-care