Ideal Cloud

Ideal Cloud

Focus on Your Business, Not Your Dealership System

Would you like to significantly reduce the amount of time and money it takes to maintain your dealership management system without losing any of its features or benefits? Would you also like to access your system from anywhere, at any time?

Then Ideal Cloud might just be for you.

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Why should you consider it?

Eliminate Local Installations

Eliminate Local Installations

Remove the need to install Ideal or keep your data locally, cutting out the high cost of hardware.


Work From Anywhere

Work from Anywhere

Access Ideal from anywhere at any time to untie yourself from any specific location.


Save Time

Save Time

Eliminate the time spent on regular software updates, backups and hardware maintenance to be more productive in                                                         other areas.


Increase Data Security

Increase Data Security

Protect your data within a highly secure environment – like a bank for your data.


Lower Cost

Lower Costs

Save money on third-party IT fees, hardware maintenance, electrical power and server replacements.


Strengthen Disaster Recovery

Strengthen Disaster Recovery

Quickly recover business data in the event of a disaster by accessing it online almost immediately, at no extra cost.


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Get Top-Notch Support

Top-Notch Support


Get support from Ideal’s knowledgeable IT staff who fully understands your system and your needs.



Why Dealers Love Ideal Cloud:

We’ve been doing pretty darn well. I like the fact that we don’t have to do updates. It makes life easier and smoother. Speed-wise, Ideal Cloud is fantastic. Before, it was very time-consuming to try to open any tab. Now, it is 10 times quicker. Everything has been better and smoother.”

Josh Hietpas, Sport-O-Motive

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