Ideal is the only dealership management software you need.

Most dealerships struggle with keeping their operation organized and free of human error.

That’s why we built a dealership management system that puts all your processes and departments in one place, increasing your productivity and creating more opportunities for growth.

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What is a dealership management system and why do you need one?

A dealership management system (DMS) is a suite of software to help dealers run their business more effectively - from sales to service to accounting to inventory management. With a DMS, you can digitize all information flowing throughout your dealership and see at-a-glance what the profitability is for each department. No more clipboards and sticky notes required.

Not only that, but Ideal’s DMS is cloud-based, giving you the ability to manage your business from anywhere.

What Ideal’s dealer management systems does:

Full up-to-date customer database with one shared customer profile across the entire dealership

Detailed activity reporting for every department of your dealership

Solutions to market challenges like supply chain disruptions, inventory control and obsolete parts

Training & support staff with 20+ years of experience in the industries we serve

Valued industry partnerships to create solutions that match your dealership’s needs

Productivity and efficiency tools to help your team focus on the tasks that drive revenue

Features of Ideal’s dealership management software: