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Through years of working with small to mid-sized RV dealers we’ve used their feedback to help incorporate the industry’s best business practices to ensure that Ideal works like an RV dealership operates on a day-to-day basis.

Why Ideal ?

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Automate Your RV Dealership

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Mobile App

Give your sales, service, and parts employees easy and instant access to pertinent areas of the software in order to perform key daily tasks from anywhere in your dealership:

  • Expedite unit check-ins by using a mobile app for unit walk-ins and capture all customer feedback.
  • Enable technicians to clock in and out, add labor and comments, take pictures, and complete jobs.
  • Conduct year-end and cycle inventory counts.
  • Take pictures and instantly attach the images to specific work orders, units, and customers.
  • Access wholegoods inventory and pricing on-the-go.
  • Speed up the delivery process by taking credit card payments on a work order using a mobile device.

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Inventory Control

  • Know what’s on your shelves at all times with real-time inventory tracking.
  • Create seasonal MIN and MAX ordering levels to keep inventory levels lean and generate automatic order recommendations.
  • Analyze profit margins to see what areas are making and losing money.
  • Keep tabs on all of your special orders.
  • Set price levels and rules on your entire parts stock.

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  • Stay organized by keeping complete work orders in one place that everyone in your dealership has access to.
  • Access detailed information about serviced equipment in seconds.
  • Send text or email notifications to customers when their unit is ready for pickup.
  • Boost shop profitability with easy-to-use Service Scheduler, Technician Time Clock and service flat rates.
  • Track warranty claims to collect money in a timely manner.

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Sales and F&I

  • Reduce transaction time and sell more with a robust Point of Sale software.
  • Upsell effectively and personalize your customer interactions by seeing all of a customer’s sales history in one place.
  • Keep deals profitable by monitoring your profit margins.
  • Get full floor plan visibility including aging items and financing information on all of the serialized items you have in stock.
  • Streamline your sales process and upsell with integrated Finance & Insurance options.
  • Manage multi-store locations.

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Customer Management

  • Manageall customer data in one location.
  • Track customer buying trends and market towards your most profitable segments.
  • Utilize mail merge tools to communicate with your customers and track communication history.
  • Send data-relevant emails to selected customer segments.

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  • Use Ideal’s fully-integrated Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger, or interface with QuickBooks or Peachtree.
  • Keep on top of your assets and liabilities by having all transactions from each department flow into your General Ledger.
  • Optimize cash flow by instantly seeing profits and losses in your dealership and reallocating dollars where appropriate.
  • See the full picture of your dealership performance by tracking each department’s profitability.
  • Accurately track financing information for all of your units with Ideal’s robust floor plan management capabilities.

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  • See the big picture of your dealership by keeping all data in one system and tracking performance in real-time.
  • Measure the key metrics that dealership consultants recommend you should be looking at on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Quickly run reports to see how sales impacts service, how service impacts finance, and everything in between.
  • Create custom reports to fit your dealership’s operations.

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  • Manage your rental inventory from a single or multi-location, and adjust your fleet on-the-fly based off customer demand.
  • Eliminate double-entry by creating quotes, booking reservations, and tracking returns from one, easy-to-use interface that fully integrates with Ideal.
  • Quickly and easily create quotes and convert them into reservations.
  • Get an at-a-glance overview of your rental operations, access lost opportunities, forecast future demand, and analyze unit performance.
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Working with RV Experts

We have developed close data-relationships with many industry experts, including dealership consultant Bob Clements who was a guest speaker at the 2014 RVDA event.

It’s through these data-relationships that we are able to incorporate many industry-specific best practices into our software development.

Learn more about Ideal's industry data-relationships

Best Customer Service in the RV Industry

"The service we've gotten from the Ideal support staff has been excellent. It's nice knowing that a company listens to your wants and needs and works with you to help benefit your business."

Bob Wright, Wright-Way Trailers - Hiawatha, IA

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Working with RV Experts

Having the right software is only part of your overall business success. That’s why Ideal has developed several mutually-beneficial partnerships with highly-regarded leaders in the RV industry to provide you with the best products, service, and training needed to achieve maximum results.

Why Ideal ?

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Bob Clements International Inc.

We’ve spent the past few years working directly with Bob Clements to make the most important measurements for your dealership easily accessible in the Ideal software. With that data, Bob and his team can help you come up with a plan that will improve tech efficiency, boost sales, and produce significant results in your business.

Partner Integrations

At Ideal, we have long-standing relationships with key manufacturers and suppliers, and we are committed to enhancing the dealer to manufacturer connectivity to try and drive down costs and improve overall efficiency at your dealership.

We’ve been able add functionality to the Ideal system that lets you automate parts ordering with industry-leading OEMs and distributors.

Website shopping cart

Import shopping cart orders to Ideal and upload product information automatically to the website.

Automated Price Lists Updates

With Ideal, RV dealers can automatically update price lists from the top manufacturers and suppliers to keep your pricing accurate and your inventory up-to-date.

These price lists allow you to update all your product numbers, prices, and descriptions in the Ideal software in just a few minutes!

Price List
AKMI Corp (Crane Carrier) Monroe shocks (Crane Carrier)
Bendix (Crane Carrier Co) National Seals (Crane Carrier)
Carlisle Tire National Spencer, Inc.
Donovan-Shur Co. LLC Onan
Firestone Air (Crane Carrier) Red Neck Trailer Supplies
Flomaster Robert Thibert
Fondy Auto Electric(Avaiable)(Dealer MUST Order) Rockwell American (Crane Carrier)
Fragola Industries Spicer (Crane Carrier)
Fuller Tansmission (Crane Carrier Co) Sunbelt/Division of John Deere
Gallagher Tire, Inc. (Available/Dealer Must Order) Tectran (Crane Carrier)
Hendrickson (Crane Carrier) Transmission Tech (Crane Carrier)
Hitachi Truckraft Quality Parts (Crane Carrier)
Horton (Crane Carrier) Walker Exhaust (Crane Carrier)
Luber-finer **Order Direct** Western Products
Mahle Clevite

What Dealers Are Saying

Our business had grown to the level where we needed it more streamlined, so we knew we had to go with some type of software system. We looked at two or three other programs, but liked that Ideal was a local company, so we purchased it. The system has come a long way during that time and the service we've gotten from the support staff has been excellent. It's nice knowing that a company listens to your wants and needs and works with you to help benefit your business. Bob Wright, Wright-Way Trailers – Hiawatha, IA
Many times over Ideal has paid for itself both in money and time. If we didn't have the system, we would need to hire more people to get everything done. It takes the place of at least two employees. Dave Wanderscheid, Country Cat – Sauk Centre, MN
We love the software. Out of the three software programs we've tried, it's the best one out there. Greg Elyard, TPC Power Center, Inc. – Bloomsburg, PA
TPC Power Center, Inc.
We track all of our customer information in the system and maintain their equipment history. Equipment history is a big factor for us because we can look up everything to see what's been done on the unit before and what previous issues there were. Being able to pull history up at your fingertips a year or two later has been extremely valuable for our business. Jeff McLaud, Wright-Way Trailers – Hiawatha, IA
When we bought Ideal I had no idea of all the extra side benefits that would come with it. I am so glad we made the switch! Jeff Nicholson, P&P Small Engines - Des Moines, IA
Ideal has played a huge role in our ability to give our customers the sense that we are in the “21st century.” It’s great to be able to email statements to customers, or be able to ask them if they’d like a text when their mower is fixed. Our customers tell us we’re up with the times, and that gives us a level of credibility in the electronic and technological world. Without Ideal we wouldn’t have that. Rebekah Oliver, The Power Shop - Centralia, WA
It's a nice software program. I like that it's easy to keep track of orders, any sort of sales or work orders. It's easy to find the customer and not lose things. David Leaycraft, Turf Machine Co. – Norcross, GA
Turf Machine Co.

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