Business Management Software
Designed by Agriculture Dealers

With 30 years of experience working with small to mid-sized agricultural and rural lifestyle dealers, we’ve developed an integrated business management system that provides you with everything you need to run your dealership.

Why Ideal ?

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Automate Your Agriculture Dealership

Click the icons to see the most comprehensive set of tools for every department in your dealership:

Mobile App

Give your sales, service, and parts employees easy and instant access to pertinent areas of the software in orderto perform key daily
tasks from anywhere in your dealership:

  • Expedite unit check-ins by using a mobile app for unit walk-ins and capture all customer feedback.
  • Enable technicians to clock in and out, add labor and comments, take pictures, and complete jobs.
  • Conduct year-end and cycle inventory counts.
  • Take pictures and instantly attach the images to specific work orders, units, and customers.
  • Access wholegoods inventory and pricing on-the-go.
  • Speed up the delivery process by taking credit card payments on a work order using a mobile device.
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Inventory Control

  • Track your entire inventory in real-time.
  • Stay lean by setting up seasonal MIN and MAX ordering levels and getting automatic order recommendations.
  • Track profitability by analyzing profit margins that indicate where you are making and losing money.
  • Track your special orders to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Streamline parts ordering with integrated purchase order management.
  • Set custom price levels and rules on your entire parts stock.
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  • Stay organized by providing everyone access to work orders with all pertinent information in one location.
  • Access detailed information about serviced in seconds.
  • Delight your customers by sending text or email notifications when their unit is finished.
  • Increaseshop profitability with easy-to-use Service Scheduler, Technician Time Clock and service flat rates.
  • Track warranty claims to ensure you collect money on time.

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Sales and Invoicing

  • Sell more by decreasing transaction time with a robust Point of Sale software.
  • Personalize interactions and upsell effectively by seeing all of a customer’s sales history on one screen.
  • Keep deals profitable by monitoring your profit margins.
  • Manage all of your stores from one location. 
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Customer Management

  • Track all customer information in one location.
  • Know who your customers are and use their data to market toward your most profitable segments.
  • Utilize mail merge tools to improve customer communication and track communication history.
  • Send data-relevant emails to different customer segments.
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  • Benefit from Ideal’s fully-integrated Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger, or interface with QuickBooks or Peachtree.
  • Stay on top of all assets and liabilities by having all transactions from each department flow into your General Ledger.
  • Optimize cash flow by instantly viewing the profits and losses in your dealership and reallocating dollars where appropriate.
  • Gain full visibility of your dealership performance by tracking each department’s profitability.
  • Accurately track financing information for all of the serialized units you have in stock with Ideal’s robust floor plan management capabilities.
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  • See the big picture by accessing all of your data from one system and tracking your dealership’s performance in real-time.
  • Measure the key metrics that industry leading expert Bob Clements recommends you should be looking at on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • With a click of a button, run reports to see how sales impacts service, how service impacts finance, and everything in between.
  • Run customized reports that fit your dealership’s operations.
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  • Manage your rental inventory from a single or multi-location, and adjust your fleet on-the-fly based off customer demand.
  • Eliminate double-entry by creating quotes, booking reservations, and tracking returns from one, easy-to-use interface that fully integrates with Ideal.
  • Quickly and easily create quotes and convert them into reservations.
  • Get an at-a-glance overview of your rental operations, access lost opportunities, forecast future demand, and analyze unit performance.
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Working with Agriculture Consultants

We have developed close data-relationships with many industry experts, including leading consultant Bob Clements.

It’s through these data-relationships that we are able to incorporate many industry-specific best practices into our software development.

Learn more about Ideal’s industry data-relationships
Best Customer Service in the Ag Industry

"I’d say the thing that makes the biggest difference is that with three locations, my parts guys can see what we have in stock in each store. It also helps us control inventory. Being able to run a report that tells me I have this many dollars on hand, sold this many dollars of equipment, and break it down into segments with labor, rental, and parts is huge. I know that as we continue to grow, Ideal will grow with our business."

Kevin Holt, Capital Equipment – De Witt, MI

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See how dealers grow their business with
The Ideal Business Management Software:

Working with
Agriculture Experts

Having the right software is only part of your overall business success. That’s why Ideal has developed several mutually-beneficial partnerships with highly-regarded leaders in the Agriculture and Outdoor Power Equipment industries to provide you with the best products, service, and training needed to achieve maximum results.

Why Ideal ?

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Bob Clements International Inc.

We've spent the past few years working directly with Bob Clements to make the most important measurements for your dealership easily accessible in the Ideal software. With that data, Bob and his team can help you come up with a plan that will improve tech efficiency, boost sales, and produce significant results in your business.

TCF Integration

Ideal and TCF have joined forces to help streamline financing on your floor planned products. With our integration, you can now automatically import make, models, and serial numbers for easier receiving of TCF financed products. Sales notifications will also be sent to TCF once a unit is sold which results in fewer floor checks.

Partner Integrations

At Ideal, we have long-standing relationships with key manufacturers and suppliers, and we are committed to enhancing the dealer to manufacturer connectivity to try and drive down costs and improve overall efficiency at your dealership.

We've been able add functionality to the Ideal system that lets you automate warranty claims, product registrations, rebates, and parts ordering with industry-leading OEMs and distributors.

Product Registration

Never lose track of your warranty claims and always collect money in a timely manner by registering all of your Ariens and Gravely products through Ideal.


Eliminate double-entry by automatically sending Toro and Exmark invoice and inventory data through Toro EZ-Link for warranty registration and promotional rebate purposes.


Automate product registrations in ECHO’s Incorporated database through Toro EZ-Link for Echo / Shindaiwa integration, and use customer information for warranty confirmation, customer marketing, and product rebate processing.


Save time and money that's normally lost through incomplete warranty claim submissions, lost claims and missed submission deadlines by registering all of your Stihl products through Ideal.

Website shopping cart

Import shopping cart orders to Ideal and upload product information automatically to the website.

Parts Lookup Interfaces
Built-in Purchase Order Interfaces
Built-in Purchase Order Interfaces Associated with CODIS (Power Portal)
Built-in Interfaces Associated with PSP (Partner Standard Protocol)
Automated Price Lists Updates

With Ideal, Agriculture dealers can automatically update price lists from the top manufacturers and suppliers to keep your pricing accurate and your inventory up-to-date.

These price lists allow you to update all your product numbers, prices, and descriptions in the Ideal software in just a few minutes!

Price List
A and I ProductsLittle Wonder (Hayward)
Adrian SteelLittle Wonder (KPM)
Ag-Parts, LTDSLittle Wonder (LL Johnson)
Agri-Fab (***Dealer Must Provide)Little Wonder (Midwest Equip)
Agri-Fab (Dixie Sales)Little Wonder (Pace)
Agri-Fab (Oscar Wilson)Little Wonder (Willand)
Air-Flo ManufacturingLS Tractor
Allied (Can) Celtic Distributor)Mahindra USA
American Chrome CompanyMakita
American Yard Prod (Marr Bros)Martin Wheel (CPD)
American Yard Prod (Oscar Wilson)Martin Wheel (Medart)
American Yard Prod (Oscar Wilson) Dist Pricing)Maruyama (Cook's Power)
American Yard Prod (PES Dist)(Available)Maruyama (Oscar Wilson)
American Yard ProductsMaruyama (Robert's Supply)
American Yard Products (AES LawnParts)Maruyama (Scotsco)
American Yard Products (CPD)Maruyama (Smith South Central)
American Yard Products (Engine Warehouse)Maruyama (Tru-Power)
American Yard Products (RBI Dist)Maruyama USA (Hawaii)
American Yard Products(Can)Massey Ferguson (Agco)
American Yard Products(Dixie Sales)MAT Holdings, Inc. (Canada)
AMSOILMCClane Manufacturing (PED)
Arborist Supplies (RBI Corp)McCulloch (CPD)
Arctic Snowplows (Canada)McCulloch (Dixie Sales)
Ardisam (Midwest Turf & Irrigation)McCulloch (Marr Brothers)
Ardisam, Inc.McLane Mfr (Robert's Supply)
Ardism Inc. (Can) (Lotus Eq Sales, ltd.)Melroe/Bobcat (GND)
AriensMeyer Products
Ariens (Canada)Meyer Products (Hayward Dist)
Ariens (WCS Dist)Miller Electric Mfg.
Arrow Engine CompanyMonster Pwr Equip. (KPM)
Arrowhead Electric ProductsMTD
B3C Fuel Solutions (CPD)MTD (AES Lawnparts)
Bad Boy, Inc.MTD (Canada)
Bahco (Scotsco)MTD (Canada) Atlas Dist
Bahco (WCS Dist)MTD (CPD)
Bahco Pruning ToolsMTD (Dixie Sales)
Banta SawMTD (Gardner Connell)
BCSMTD (Marr Brothers)
BCS (Bever Valley Supply)MTD (Oscar Wilson) Dealer Pricing
BCS (Canada)MTD (Oscar Wilson) Dist Pricing
BCS (Earth Tools) (Canada)MTD (PES) (Available/Dealer Must Order)
BCS (Lucky Dist)MTD (RBI)
BCS (Scotsco)Murray
Bear Cat (Can)Murray (AES Lawnparts)
Bear Cat (FOE)Murray (Canada) Power Source
Bear Cat (Golden Eagle)Murray (Dixie Sales)
Bear Cat (OED)Murray (Magneto)
BearcatMurray (Midwest En Warehouse)
Big DogMurray (Oscar Wilson)
Big Dog (Hayward Distributing)Murray (Preferred Pwr)
Big Dog (Oscar Wilson)Murray (Sedco)
Billy GoatN2 Performance (Oscar Wilson)
Billy Goat (Balock Machinery)N2 Performance (RBI)
Billy Goat (Can) (Arns Rquip)National Liftgate Parts
Billy Goat (Can) Pro Pwr Dist.New Holland
Billy Goat (Florida Outdoor)Ohio Steel Industries (CPD)
Billy Goat (Golden Eagle)Onan (AES Lawnparts)
Billy Goat (Mdwst Equip Co.)Onan (Dixie Sales)
Billy Goat (OED)Oregon (Bever Valley Supply)
Billy Goat (PED)Oregon (Forestry) (Canada Power Source)
Billy Goat (Scotsco)Oregon (Forestry) Golden Eagle
Billy Goat (Texas Outdoor Power)Oregon (OEP) (Billious)
Bishop CompanyOregon (OEP) (Canada Pwr Tech)
Blizzard Snow PlowsOregon (OEP) (Eng Warehouse)
Blizzard Snow Plows (CAN) Barrett Corp.Oregon (OEP) (Medart)
Blue BirdOregon (OEP) (PES)
Blue Bird (Can) Celtic DistOregon (OEP) Can Theo Turgeon
Blue Bird (Canada)Oregon (OEP) Central Power Systems
Blue Bird (Florida Outdoor)Oregon (OEP) Gardner Connell
Blue Bird (Golden Eagle)Oregon (OEP) Midwest Eng Warehouse
Blue Bird (LL Johnson)Oregon (OEP) RBI Dist
Blue Bird (Pace Distributing)Oregon (OEP) Scotsco
Blue Bird (Steven Willand)Oregon Forestry
Bobcat (Carswell Dist) (See Commercial Grounds)Oregon Forestry (AES Lawnparts)
Bobcat (Hayward Dist.)Oregon Forestry (Can Power Tech)
Bobcat (KPM)Oregon Forestry (Eng Warehouse)
Bobcat (Melroe)Oregon Forestry (Gardner Connell)
Bobcat (Melroe) (Canada)Oregon Forestry (Gardner Dist)
Bobcat (Willand)Oregon Forestry (Magneto)
Boss ProductsOregon Forestry (Midwest Eng Warehouse)
Boss Products (Distributor)Oregon Forestry (RBI)
Boss Products (Horizon Dist)Oregon Forestry (Scotsco)
Boss Products (Mid-Michigan Snow)Oregon Forestry (Smith South Central)
Boss Products (Monroe Truck)Oregon Forrestry (Medart Dist)
Bradley MowerOregon OEP (AES Lawnparts)
Bradley Mowers (Dist price)Oregon OEP (Oscar Wilson)
Brakequip, LLCOregon OEP (Power Src Canada)
Branson TractorsOregon OEP (Smith South Central)
Brennen IndustriesOregon OEP Dealer
Briggs & Strat Power Prod. (Mdwst En Wrhs)Oregon OEP Dealer (Gardners)
Briggs & Strat Power ProductsOregon OEP Dealer (Magneto)
Briggs & StrattonOregon OEP Distributor
Briggs & Stratton (AES Lawnparts)Oregon PowerNow (Magneto)
Briggs & Stratton (Atlantic Power)Oregon(Forestry) (Menominee Ind Supply)
Briggs & Stratton (Canada)Oregon(OEP) (Menominee Ind Supply)
Briggs & Stratton (Central Pwr Systems)Orgill, Inc. (Available/Dealer Must Order)
Briggs & Stratton (Magneto)PAI Industries (Crane Carrier)
Briggs & Stratton (Marr Brothers)Parker Sweeper(Gardner Connell)
Briggs & Stratton (Mdwst En Wrhs)Peerless (Can Pwr Tech)
Briggs & Stratton (Preferred Pwr)Peerless (CPD)
Briggs & Stratton (RBI Corp)Peerless (Gardner-Connell)
Briggs & Stratton (Sedco)Peerless (Medart Inc.)
Briggs and Stratton (Dixie Sales)Peerless (Oscar Wilson)
Briggs Power Prod. (Dixie Sales)Peerless (RBI Dist)
Briggs Power Products (Can Pwr Src.)Peerless (RBI) Distributor Price
Briggs Pwr Prod (Preferred Power)Phoenix Pully's (Marr Brothers)
Briggs Pwr Prod (Sedco)Pix Belts
Brown ManufacturingPIX Belts (Medart Distributor)
Brown Manufacturing (Pace)Plugr Aerator (Gardner-Conell)
Brown Products (GND)Poulan
Brown Products (MAC Equip)Poulan (AES Lawnparts)
Burns Industril SupplyPoulan (Billious)
Bush HogPoulan (Canada)
Carlisle Tire (Dixie Sales)Poulan (CPD)
Carlisle Tire (Medart)Poulan (Dixie Sales)
Carlisle Tire (RBI)Poulan (Engine Warehouse)
Carlton Saw (Central Power Sys)Poulan (Gardner Dist)
Carlton Saw (CPD)Poulan (Oscar Wilson)
Case **Available**Poulan (PES Dist)(Available/Dealer Must Order)
Classen (Golden Eagle)Poulan (RBI)
Classen (LL Johnson)Rack'Em (KPM Exceptional Dist)
Classen MFRRaisman Corp (Available/Dealer must order)
Classen MFR (Pace Dist)Raisman Corp (Gardner's)
Classen Mfr. (KPM)Raven America
Comet (Dixie Sales)Red Max
Comet Industries (RBI Corp)Red Max (Carswell Dist)
Commercial Grounds (Willand)Red Max (Engine Warehouse)
Commercial Grounds Care (KPM DIST)Red Max (Hayward Dist)
Commercial Grounds Corp (Oscar Wilson Dist)Red Max (LL Johnson)
Commercial Grounds Corp (Carswell)Red Max (Midwest Turf)
Commercial Grounds Corp (Hayward)Red Max (MTI-Dist)-Canada
Corona Clipper (Scotsco)Red Max (Pace)
Corona Clipper (WCS Dist)Red Max (PES) (Available/Dealer Must Order)
Cost Distribution - Marine (Canada)Red Max (Power Equip. Dist)
Country Clipper (Conniff Sales Inc.)Red Max (Willand Distributor)
Country Clipper (Kaye Corp)Reed Manufacturing
Country Clipper (Marr Brothers)Rhino
Cub CadetRiley Tractor Parts
Cub Cadet (Can) Atlas Dist.Riverside Pump (RBI)
Cub Cadet (Dixie Sales)Robin America (Subaru)
Cub Cadet (PES)(Available/Dealer Must Order)Robin Outdoor Power (Carswell Dist.)
Curt ManufacturingRobin Subaru (AES Lawncare)
Curtis Industries, LLCRobin Subaru (Billious)
Dana Foote (Dixie Sales)Robin Subaru (Canada)
Dana/FooteRobin Subaru (Capitol Engine CO)
Dana/Foote (Oscar Wilson)Robin Subaru (Marr Brothers)
Dayco Products LLCRobin Subaru (Midwest Turf & Irrigation)
Dealers Choice (Sedco)Robin Subaru (Oscar Wilson)
Delta Power Equipment CorpRotary
Deweze (Division of Harper Industries)Rotary (Can) Vickers Marketing
Dingo (Division of Toro)Rotary (Carswell OEI)
Dixie ChopperRotary (Dixie Sales)
Dixon IndustriesRotary (Glo Distributor)
Dixon Industries (Carswell Dist)Rotary (Kaye Corporation)
Dixon Industries (Engine Warehouse)Ryan (Canada)
Dixon Industries (Hayward Dist)Ryan (Canada) (G.C. Duke Eqt)
Dixon Industries (Pace)Scag
Dixon Industries (Pace) West CoastScag (Florida Outdoor Eq.)
Dixon Industries (Willand)Scag (Kpm Dist)
Do it Best Corp.Scag (LL Johnson)
Dolmar (Atlantic Power)Scag (Midwest Equip Dist)
Dolmar (Cntrl Pwr Sys)Scag (Pace)
Dolmar (Magneto)Scag (Scotsco)
Dolmar (Midwest Engine Warehouse)Scag (Texas Outdoor)
Dolmar (Preferred Power)Scap (Power Tool Co.)
DR Power ProductsSchiller Grounds Care (SGC) (LL Johnson)
Eagle Compressors (Can) Celtic Dist)Shindaiwa (FOE)
EarthquakeShindaiwa (General Power Equip)
ECCOShindaiwa (Jerry Pate) (Order Under Echo)
Echo (FOE)Shindaiwa (Midwest Equipment)**(Available)**
Echo (General Power Equip)Shindaiwa (Outdoor Equip Dist)
Echo (Midwest Equipment)Shindaiwa (Texas Outdoor Power Equip)
Echo (OED Dist)Silky Saws
Echo (Texas Outdoor Power Equip)Silky Saws (Dolphin Outdoor Pwr EQ)
Echo/Shindaiwa (Jerry Pate Dist)Simplicity (Canada)
Echo/Shindaiwa (Canada)SMA
Echo/Shindaiwa (Golden Eagle)Snapper (A & I)
Echo/Shindaiwa (Lepco)Snapper (Canada)
Edgewater MowerSnapper (Midwest Engine Warehouse)
EFCO Power (Smith South-Central)Snapper (National)
Ego Power (Dixie Sales)Snapper Pro
EHP (Mdwst Engine Warehouse)Snapper Pro (Pace Dist)
Electrolux Home Products (RBI)Sno Ex (PED)-Pwr Equp Dist
Encore (Live Oak)Sno-Ex (Can) (Echo Can)
ESF (Canada)Sno-Way (KPM)
Excel (A & G Turf Equip)Sno-Way (Pace Dist)
Excel (Canada)Sno-Way International
Excel (Carquest)Snow-Ex (Congdon Assoc)
Excel (Power Trim)Sparex
Excel (Tidewater) Bronze levelSpears Manufacturing
Excel Hustler (Coates)Spyder Manufacturing
Excel Hustler (Cook's Power)Stens
Excel Hustler (PES Distrib)Stens (Can) Arns Equip LTD
Excel Hustler ***DEALER MUST PROVIDE FILE***Stens (Canada)
ExmarkStens (CPD)
Exmark (Blalock)Stens (Hayward Dist)
Exmark (Canada-Echo Dist)Stihl (A & G Turf Equip)
Exmark (Lepco)Stihl (Blue Mountain)(Available)(Dealer Must Order)
Exmark (Lucky Dist)Stihl (Bryan Equip.)
Exmark (Ness Turf Equip)Stihl (Canada)
Exmark (Pwr Eq Dist)Stihl (Crader)(Available)(Dealer Must Order)
Exmark (Robert's Supply) ORDER NATIONAL LISTStihl (Intermountain)
FelcoStihl (Mid Atlantic)
FerrisStihl (Midwest)
Ferris (Can) Theo TurgeonStihl (Miss. Valley)
Ferris (Canada)Stihl (North East)
Ferris (Outfitters)Stihl (Northwest)
Ferris (Pace Distributor)Stihl (Pacific)
Ferry Morse Seed CoStihl (Southeast)
Fisher Plow (Dist)Stihl (Southwest)
Fisher PlowsSulky Mower
Fisher Plows (Can)Sulky Mowers (Dist Price)
FNA Group (Dixie Sales)Swisher (Canada)
Fred Marvin Pruners (Available/Dealer Must Order)Swisher Mower & Machine Co
Gates (Atlantic Power)Tanaka (AES Lawn Parts)
Gates (CPD)Tanaka (Cook's Dist)
Gates (Gardner Connell)Tanaka (CPD)
Gates Belts (Mdwst Eng Warehouse)Tanaka (Gardner Connell)
GehlTanaka (Lucky Dist)
Generac (Marr Brothers)Tanaka (PECO)
Generac EnginesTanaka (RBI)
Generac Power (Billious)Tanaka (WCS Distributing)
Generac Power (Gardner-Connell)Techtronic Industries
Generac Power (Midwest Turf & Irrigation)Tecumseh (Billious)
Generac Power (Oscar Wilson)Tecumseh (Can) Can Pwr Tech
Generac Power Systems (Dixie Sales)Tecumseh (Carswell OEI)
Giant VacTecumseh (CPD)
Grass HopperTecumseh (Dixie Sales)
GravelyTecumseh (Gardner-Connell)
Gravely (Canada)Tecumseh (Marr Brothers)
Gravely Atlas JSV Utility VehicleTecumseh (Medart)
Gravely TrekerTecumseh (RBI)
Great DaneTecumseh (RBI) Distributor Pricing
Great Dane (Carswell)Tecumseh (US) PES Dist. (Available/Dealer Must Order)
Handy Ace Hardware ***AVAILABLE***Tecumseh-Order by Distributor
Henderson ProductsTeleflex Marine (Dealer) ***AVAILABLE***
Herschel AdamsTemco H-M Parts Co.
Hilti (Canada)Textron (Order by Dist See CGC)
Hiniker CompanyThermoid Inc. (Carswell OEI)
Homelite (AES Lawnparts)Tillotson (AES Lawnparts)
Honda (A & G Turf Equip)Tillotson (Engine Warehouse)
Honda (Engines Only)Tillotson (Gardner)
Honda (Great North Dist)Tillotson (Medart)
Honda (Iowa Power Products)Tilton
Honda (OPE)Tisco
Honda (OPE) (Canada) Celtic DistTMC Power Equipment
Honda (OPE) (Hayward Dist)Tommy Gate Company (Dist Pricing)
Honda (OPE) (Tru-Powerl)Toro (AES Lawnparts)
Honda (OPE) Oscar WilsonToro (CPD)
Honda (OPE) Pace - WestToro (Ness Turf Equip.)
Honda (OPE) TidewaterToro Profit With Perfomance
Honda (Pace)Toro/Lawnboy (Canada) Turf Care
Honda (PECO Dist)Toro/Wheel Horse
Honda (Roberts Supply)Toro/Wheel Horse (Canada)
Honda (SCOTSCO)Troy Bilt (Dixie Sales)
Honda OPE (Canada)Tru Cut (Blalock)
HotsyTru Cut (Scotsco-Hawaii)
Husqvarna (Canada)Tru-Cut (Dealer)
Husqvarna (Forest & Garden)Tru-Cut (Dist.)
Hydro Gear (AES Lawnparts)TYM Tractor
Hydro Gear (Billious)Velke (Hayward Dist)
Hydro Gear (CPD)Vortexx (OED)
Hydro Gear (Dixie Sales)Vortexx Industries (Pace)
Hydro Gear (Gardner Connell)Wacker
Hydro Gear (Gardner's)Walbro
Hydro Gear (Marr Brothers)Walbro (AES Lawnparts)
Hydro Gear (Oscar Wilson Dist)Walbro (Billious)
Hydro Gear (PES)Walbro (CPD)
Hydro Gear (RBI Corp)Walbro (Dixie Sales)
Hydro Gear **Order by Distributor**Walbro (Gardner Connell)
Ingersoll (CPD)Walbro (Gardners)
Ingersoll EquipmentWalbro (Magneto)
Ingersoll-RandWalbro (Medart)
Jacto, Inc. acto, Inc.Walbro (Midwst Eng Warehouse)
Jason Industrial Inc.Walbro (PES)
John DeereWalbro (RBI)
1,589,360Walker (A & D Dist)
John Deere (Canada) AvailableWalker (A & G Turf Equip)
Johnsered (Willand)Walker (Can) Arn's Dist
Jonsered (Carswell Dist)Walker (Can) DBH Dist
Jonsered (Hayward Dist)Walker (Canada) - Pro Power
Jonsered (Pace Dist)Walker (Cantrell)
Jonsered (PES) (Available/Dealer Must Order)Walker (Coates Landscape Supply)
Jungle Jim (Hayward)Walker (Emmett Equip)
Jungle Jim (RBI Dist)Walker (GHS Corp)
K & M ManufacturingWalker (Kurtzer's LLC)
Kaaz Corporation (Scotsco, Inc.)Walker (Lawn Equip Enterprise)
Kawasaki (Ope)Walker (Mid America)
Kawasaki (OPE) CanadaWalker (Midwest Specialty Sales)
Kawasaki (RBI Dist)Walker (Precision Works)
Kawasaki Motors (Canada)Walker (Pro Power-Mid South)
Kimball MidwestWalker (Secrist)
Kioti TractorWalker (Trac Equip.)
Kipor (Gardner's Dist)Wallenstein (Can)
Kipor (Lucky)Waterland Supply Co., Inc.
Kipor (Steve Willand)Weaver Leather
KohlerWestern Products (Can)
Kohler (A & G Turf)Western Products (Douglas Dynamics)
Kohler (Canada Power Tech)Winco Inc
Kohler (Canada) (Yetman's Dist)Wisconsin Engines (AES Lawnparts)
Kohler (Central Power Dist)Woods
Kohler (Diesel Only)Worldlawn (General Power Eqt)
Kohler (Gardner's) Dealer PriceWorldlawn (L.E.E. Inc.)
Kohler (Gardner's) Dist. PriceWorldlawn (PECO)
Kohler (H.G. Makelim Co.)Worldlawn (Stull Equip Co)
Kohler (Loftin Equipment)Worldlawn Power Eqt
Kohler (Marr Brothers)Worx (Central Pwr Systems)
Kohler (Medart)Worx (Midwst Eng Warehouse)
Kohler (PES)(Available/Dealer Must Order)Wright Manufacturing
Kohler (RBI)Wright Manufacturing (Dist Price)
Kohler (Waukesha-Pearce)Wright Manufacturing (Hayward)
Kohler Generators (Collicutt Dist)Wright Manufacturing (KPM)
Krone Na Inc.Wright Manufacturing (LL Johnson)
KubotaWright MFR (Can) Turf Tech
Kubota (Canada) AvailableWright MFR (Keen Edge)
Kubota Eng of America (Engine Power Source)Wright MFR (OED)
Kubota Eng of America's (Loftin)Wright Mfr (Pace)
Kubota Engine of America'sYabravo (Engine Warehouse)
Kubota Engines (Southeastern Power)Yamakoyo
Kuhn (Canada)Yamakoyo (Dist Pricing)
Kuhn (US)Yanmar
Kuhn KnightYanmar (Cascade Engine Center)
Kuny's Leather Mfr (CAN)Yazoo (Engine Warehouse)
Kuriyama of AmericaYazoo (FOE)
L & B Sales (Can)Ybravo
LandprideYbravo (Pace)
Laser Sales (Can)Zama
Laser Sales (Willand) (Available)Zama (AES Lawnparts)
Lawn Boy-Profit with PerformanceZama (CPD)
LawnboyZama (Dixie Sales)
LCT (Canada Power Technologies)Zama (Gardner Connell)
LCT Engines (CPD)Zama (Gardners)
Liquid Comb. Tech (Carswell)Zama (Magneto)
Liquid Combution Technolory (Medart)Zama (Medart)
Little WonderZama (Midwst Eng Warehouse)
Little Wonder (Carswell Dist)Zama (PES)(Available)(Dealer Must Order)
Little Wonder (GND)Zama (RBI)
Little Wonder (Golden Eagle)

What OPE and Agriculture Dealers Are Saying

We have used Ideal for at least 15 years. I’d say the thing that makes the biggest difference is that with three locations, my parts guys can see what we have in stock in each store. It also helps us control inventory. Being able to run a report that tells me I have this many dollars on hand, sold this many dollars of equipment, and break it down into segments with labor, rental, and parts is huge. We move parts around like we do wholegoods, so being able to know what we have and where it’s located is huge. Kevin Holt, Capital Equipment – De Witt, MI
Ideal has everything necessary in their system to run a business like ours. They offer everything that I need. I am a million dollar business and they can run several stores. Bob Rodriguez, George’s Mower & Burner Service – Riverview, FL
George’s Mower & Burner Service
It is easy to use, gives us the reports we need, and our people learn it pretty quickly. We are completely happy with it. Craig Cody, Emery Lawn & Tractor – Brunswick, GA
Emery Lawn & Tractor
We had a competitor’s system for 12-13 years and their program never did what they said it was going to do. Before we purchased another software program, we did our due diligence and researched for 5 or6 years. The only one that has held true to their roots, or value, has been the Ideal program. It is very simple to use. We’ve had brand new employees, who aren’t familiar with this industry, pick it up immediately. It is that self-explanatory. Steve Cannon, Power Equipment Company – Gilroy, CA
Power Equipment Company
I did extensive, agonizing research before I went with Ideal's dealer software solution. I chose Ideal because of recommendations from fellow dealers and I needed a national company that could support me. Ideal has been good to me. Gary Nichols, Nichols Equipment – Jacksonville, FL
It's so much simpler than our old computer system. It lets us do multiple functions from one screen. I can pull up a customer and see what they've bought, invoice numbers, and profit margins all from the same screen. Wade Rolison, Rolison Saw Co LLC – Butler, AL
Rolison Saw
Being able to run a report that tells me I have this many dollars on hand, sold this many dollars of equipment, and break it down into segments with labor, rental, and parts is huge. We move parts around like we do wholegoods, so being able to know what we have and where it’s located is huge. Kevin Holt, Capital Equipment – De Witt, MI
The overall organization, efficiency and accurateness is improved. Having a system like this in place that is versatile enough to cover those things and allow you to grow is obviously going to increase your effectiveness and efficiency. Larry Glenn, Bath Power Equipment – Fort Collins, CO
It's very user friendly and the customer service is very good. They are top-notch. Jeff Shoemaker, Schultz Power Equipment – Beloit, WI
In today’s world, with the number of parts and issues we deal with in a business, you need to have a good under-lying software there to support your business, and we've been really pleased with the solution we have from Ideal. Doug Nord, Nord Outdoor Power Equipment – Bloomington, IL
It's a nice software program. I like that it's easy to keep track of orders, any sort of sales or work orders. It's easy to find the customer and not lose things. David Leaycraft, Turf Machine Co. – Norcross, GA
Turf Machine Co.
Ideal had Bob Clements speak at their last software training seminar and he preached to us about the key metrics you should be measuring in your business. Without knowing that key data, you have no clue how you’re doing. We’re fortunate in that we have a system like Ideal that includes reporting options that allow you to analyze the performance of our business. We have been very satisfied with what we’ve been able to do with the help of Ideal. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Jeff Shoemaker, Schultz Power Equipment – Beloit, WI
Service behind the sale. Whenever I need something they're right on the spot. Rob Clark, Clark’s Lawn & Garden Equipment – Oregon City, OR
Clark’s Lawn & Garden Equipment

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