Automate and Grow Your OPE & Powersports Dealership

If your current dealership software cannot adequately handle both sides of your outdoor power equipment (OPE) & powersports business, then consider an alternative with 30+ years of proven success.

Help Both Sides of Your Dealership


Improve Finance & Insurance

Streamline your sales process and create extended service agreement using our integrated Finance & Insurance options.


Lean On Our Experience

By incorporating 30 years’ worth of industry feedback and best practices, our system covers all day-to-day processes of a typical OPE & powersports dealership.


Have Full Customer History in One Place

Use one shared customer profile across the entire dealership to keep up-to-date customer information, including phone numbers, addresses, previous purchases, interests and so on.


Boost Shop Profitability

Help your service team stay organized by keeping complete work orders in one place that all your employees can access and take advantage of easy-to-use features like Service Scheduler, Technician Time Clock and service flat rates.


Monitor Every Aspect of Your OPE Business

Use our customizable dashboards to gain insight into every aspect of your division in order to easily identify opportunities for improvement and growth.


Be More Connected with Your Suppliers

Our long-standing relationships with key manufacturers and suppliers in the OPE and Powersports industries allow you to connect with them directly through our system, automating warranty claims, product registrations and parts ordering.
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A Proven Business Solution


Stillwater Turf and Power Testimonial on Ideal


“It’s fabulous because it’s all integrated and easy to navigate. You can find each check you paid and see the vendor,  date and invoice. It’s saved me a ton of time and allowed me to be a lot more efficient.”

Art Crain, Stillwater Turf and Power

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