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Note: Ideal will be Closed on Friday, July 3rd for the Independence Day Holiday


IdealCSIThis is just a friendly reminder to all our users that Ideal will be closed on Friday, July 3, for the Independence Day holiday. Support will operate on its regular hours on Saturday, July 4, from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. (CT).

All of us at Ideal hope you have a great 4th of July weekend!

Attention Mobile App Users: Do Not Upgrade to Android 5 – Lollipop


We’d like to remind all Android users to please hold off on updating their Android devices to Android 5 – Lollipop, which is currently not supported by the Ideal Mobile App. Updating will cause functionality issues with the Mobile App that cannot be reversed.

We plan to update the Ideal Mobile App to support Android 5 as part of our July 2015 summer release, and we will notify you as soon as that release is available.


Important Information on the Windows 10 Pro Upgrade and Ideal


Windows 10

The Ideal Support Department would like to make you aware of an update that could impact your daily operations of the Ideal system. We’ve had some calls from Ideal users who are receiving notifications prompting them to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. The Ideal software has been tested on Windows 10 Pro and it has proved to be compatible with little or no issue. We cannot say with full certainty that our partners’ software such as PartSmart, ChargeItPro, or the purchase order interfaces are compatible without further testing.

Please be advised that if you choose now to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, you may run the risk of compatibility issues with your system. As always, we will do our best to support you.

Ideal Welcomes Niral Vora to its Innovations Team


Niral Vora

Ideal is pleased to announce the hire of Niral Vora as its Innovations Manager.

Niral comes to Ideal with several years of experience in technology-based product development and digital marketing. He has worked with industry verticals such as retail, banking, international logistics and the government. One of his biggest achievements to date is helping uncover opportunities in digital, such as the development of a product price comparison tool for a national retailer, to help drive incremental revenue for consumer-facing businesses.

In his new role, Niral will work closely with Ajay Thakur, Ideal’s Director of Innovations, and evaluate Ideal dealerships to get a better understanding of their sales, marketing and software needs in order to develop new products that will benefit the customer base.

When Niral is away from the office, he loves travelling, learning new languages, and playing sports.

Support Advice: How to Unsubscribe and Re-subscribe in EDN/EConnect


The Ideal Support Department receives several calls about connectivity issues with EDN/EConnect. Many of these calls can be solved by unsubscribing and re-subscribing the vendor on SnapOn’s Subscription site.

Here are steps on how to do so:

1. There is one computer in your network that has the Ideal Assistant or EDI interface.  It looks like an Ideal icon that is in your taskbar.  Right-click it and click on Subscribe.  This will open up the URL to the SnapOn subscription site.

Image 1

2. Your username and password will both be either your business phone number or your vendor dealer number.

Image 2

3. Once you sign in, it should take you right to the Current Subscriptions page. Take note and write down the Vendor Code and the Account number. The Vendor code is case-sensitive.

Image 3

4. To unsubscribe, click on the top Remove for that vendor.

Image 4

5. To re-subscribe, click on Add New Subscription.

Image 5

6. Choose the Vendor by clicking on the blue link below their logo and click Integrated DMS.

Image 6


Image 7


7. Type in the Vendor Code. This should match the SupplierID EXACTLY how it is displayed in Ideal (all caps). Type in your dealer number and press Save.

Image 8
**NOTE: For Kawasaki, you will have to enter the Vendor Code, Dealer Number, Password (same as your dealer number), and Subscription type, which is ‘R’ (for regular). Also state whether you allow dropship or not.**


8. Now it is time to test the interface. Go into Ideal and find an existing PO. Most EConnect interfaces have a Parts Availability. There is a couple that do not such as Toro and Pacific Stihl. If you get a response, you are good to go.

Image 9

If you are still having issues, take note of which Vendors are not working and call Ideal Support at 800-737-1620, or SnapOn tech support at 800-709-7773 and select Option #1.

Free Profitability Webinar Headlined by Guest Panelist Bob Clements



Ideal invites you to a free webinar where dealership expert, Bob Clements will headline a panel discussion on dealership profitability with special guests Jeff Nicholson of P & P Small Engines, and Ideal’s Lead Software Trainer, Dave Baumgarten.

The webinar entitled “Improve Your Margins without Losing Your Customers” will take place on Tuesday, May 5th at 1 p.m. (ET).

Click here to learn more.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table by Not Updating Your Price Lists


One of the biggest mistakes you can make heading into your busy season is not updating your price lists.  Ideal has updated many major manufacturer lists and have added additional lists. These lists can significantly increase your profitability during your busiest times, so it’s essential you update your lists each time a new one becomes available.  We’ve had dealers lose as much as $400 on a single item by simply not updating their price lists.

To put it in perspective, if you have $100,000 in part sales and your outdated price lists are off by 5%, you must increase sales by 25% to bring in the same amount as you would with the updated price list.

Cost of mis-pricing 500

Click here to download this image in PDF


Your Ideal system provides you with an easy overview of the status of your price lists as well as the ability to add new ones. To view the status of your price lists:
1) Go to Applications>Product>Load Price Lists
2) The PL History button will show you when you last loaded a specific list
3) The Purchase Price Lists Button (if you’re on notify) will allow you to purchase a new list

Price List Status

You can also view and order price lists online by visiting this link:

If there are any lines that you’d like to added to the database, or if you have any questions about your price lists, including whether or not you have the notify option selected in Ideal, please let us know by calling 800-737-1620 ext. 223 or 224 or emailing

From the Support Department: New Process for Entering Welcome Page Tickets


In an effort to improve the service we provide to our customers, we’ve made some changes to the way you submit tickets through the Ideal Welcome Page.  These changes allow you to provide more detailed information about your request.

From the Ideal Welcome Page:

1)      Select the Click to Request a Support Call button.

2)      The pop-up window now includes Type.  Select one of the following:

  • Accounting
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Interface
  • Product Suggestion

3)      Next, select the Priority level of your question.

4)      Select Email or Call and click Submit.




When entering this information, we ask that you be as detailed with your request as possible and honest about your priority level. Providing the correct information will lead to more efficient responses, from a technician who specializes in your specific request, and will create a better overall experience.


Did You Know? You Can Run a Report to View Warranty Expiration Dates


We recently had a customer ask if he could run a report to show warranty expiration dates so he could market to his customers who had equipment with warranties that were close to expiration. You can do this in the Ideal system by adding the Warr Exp Date field to the Wholegoods List Report using the Report Designer. Here’s how:

1) Click on the Products toolbar button, at the top of the screen.
2) Select the correct serialized product and click on the Properties button.
3) Enter the correct quantity in the Warranty Months Field. This will populate the wholegood record as units are received and sold.


Warranty Months


Note: You can also set the warranty months in the Wholegood Properties of a specific unit. This will calculate a Warranty Expiration date by adding the Warranty Months to the sales invoice date.

Once the warranty information is entered, you are now ready to run the report.

1) Select Inventory>Inventory Reports>Wholegoods List.

2) Next, select Options>Report Wizard.

3) Remove any fields from the Selected Fields column that you don’t need in the report. This will provide room for you to add Warr Exp Date from the Available Fields column.

Warranty Report Fields


4) Once you have removed and selected the proper fields, click the Finish button.

5) Next, select your desired Sales Date range and /or Warranty Exp. Date range, then click Preview to view the report.

6) If the report contains the correct information, go to Options>Save Report As and assign a report name.

Here’s an example of the report:

Wholegoods List Report

Support Tip: Updating Your Dealer Number for the Central Power Systems PO Interface in Ideal


The Ideal Support Department has received several calls from customers in regards to updating the dealer number for the Central Power Systems (CPS) Purchase Order Interface.

From the Central Power Systems supplier in Ideal:

1 – Select the Properties button

2- Select the Additional tab

3 – In the Account # field, enter your new dealer number

4 – Click Ok



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