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New Rotary Cross Reference Available!


Windows 10
The Ideal Price List Department would like to let you know that there is a new Rotary Cross Reference available. This file includes all of the latest cross references.

If you’d like to receive this new cross reference, please email or contact Rita at 319-261-1224 or Sheila at 319-261-1223.

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Ideal Training Seminar


Sign up for the Ideal Training SeminarIf you haven’t signed up yet for the 2016 Ideal Fall Training Seminar, here’s 5 reasons why you should consider attending:

#1 – You will learn something new about Ideal

Whether you’re a new customer, a new employee, or a long-time veteran, you will come away from this seminar with new knowledge on the system. Every year attendees are amazed at what they learned about the system and are excited to bring their new found knowledge back to the dealership.

“I’ve attended several seminars already and I plan on attending every year from here on out. It is important to attend because there is so much to the software that you either forget, or you may not even know about. I’ve adapted to using the software at pretty good rate, but I know that we are not using it to its full potential. I do know now, however, that we are on the right track.”
Jerod Ames – The Family Center Farm & Home (multi-location)

#2 – You’ll gain best practice knowledge from dealership experts
We’ve been fortunate the last several years to have Dealership Expert Bob Clements present at the Ideal Seminar. Bob brings a wealth of dealership experience into his discussions and attendees rave about how valuable his presentations are. Bob’s best practices combined with Ideal Lead Trainer Dave Baumgarten’s product knowledge provides you with over 50 years of real-world dealership experience and expert advice.

“Bob Clements presented with lots of energy and got everyone involved. Setting up some of his processes with be the most important starting out and it will trickle down from there.” 
Roger Vogler – MAG Small Engine in Boise, ID

“Dave is just awesome! The amount of knowledge he has and the way he presents it is first class.”
Jeff Shoemaker – Schultz Power Equipment in Beloit, WI 

#3 – You’ll have an exclusive preview as to what’s on the horizon for Ideal product development
Our product development team will be on-hand to discuss the Ideal roadmap and where the product is headed. Their presentation allows you to see what plans are on the horizon, before any other customers, and provide feedback directly to the development team.

I just love meeting the employees and knowing the future plans and direction of the company. It gives us positive feelings that we have made the right choice in Ideal.”
Tanya Kistner – Eau Claire Lawn & Garden in Eau Claire, WI

#4 – You will have the opportunity to meet most of the Ideal employees face-to-face
One of the things attendees like most about attending the seminar is the fact that they get to match Ideal employee’s voices to their faces. Since the seminar takes place at our home base of Cedar Rapids, IA, we make it a point to have everyone who is in town attend the seminar in some fashion, whether it’s to be on hand answering questions, or to chat with you at lunch.

“Every Ideal user should attend this seminar. I learned a lot and I loved it. It was great to interact with other Ideal customers, see Bob Clements, stay at The Hotel at Kirkwood, and meet the Ideal team members.”
Larry DeLong – Triple D Equipment, Inc. in DeLand, FL

#5 – You will discover new tips and tricks from other dealers who use the system
Attendees also enjoy the fact they can network with Ideal users from all over North America and exchange best practices. We provide several opportunities for you to interact with other attendees.

“The best thing is that the seminar gives me an opportunity to know that we’re not alone as business owners who use Ideal on a daily basis. When we get to know other dealers on a personal and business level, it allows us to interact and maybe change some ways of doing business that we’ve never thought of doing before.” 
Lori Sobetski – Sobetski Enterprises in Beausejour, MB

Seats are available, but filling up fast!

Click here to register before August 19th and take advantage of our early bird pricing >

We look forward to seeing you there!

Erin Scott-Burnham
Marketing Coordinator


Important Information About the Midwest Engine Warehouse and Power Distributors Transition


If you purchase from Midwest Engines, you are aware that their systems will be unavailable from July 1 – July 4, 2016. This affects systems including CODIS, Persona, and Interfaces will not work.

Midwest Engine Warehouse account numbers need to be updated to a new Power Distributors account number. They’ve sent letters out with your new Account Number (beginning with PD).

Between July 1 and July 5, 2016 you should update the Ideal program with your new account. Click on the Suppliers button, select the MEW/Power Distributors record. Click on the Properties button, then click on the Additional tab. Type in the new PD account number in the Account # field.

Windows 10












If you have questions, contact your Midwest Engine Warehouse Territory Manager or call 800-683-8484.

Information Regarding Automatically Scheduled Windows 10 Upgrades


Windows 10

The Ideal Support Department has received numerous call regarding automatic Windows 10 upgrades. We’d like to stress that the automatic upgrade won’t affect the Ideal software. There are a few things, however, that you should be aware of with the upgrade:

1) If you receive a notification that your system is scheduled for the Windows 10 upgrade, make sure you back up your data prior to the upgrade.

2) The upgrade process takes a significant amount of time. Do not quit the upgrade process while in the middle of upgrading. Doing so could cause significant data loss to your system.

3) If you use PartSmart or Trend, make sure you are on the latest version of those products. Contact PartSmart or Trend if you need to upgrade.

4) The most common issue that we’ve run into with the upgrade involves printer default settings. By either typing settings into search, or by clicking on the notification box next to the clock in the lower right hand corner go into settings.  There are many options in here that can be changed, but only a few that Ideal recommends:


Windows 10








The First setting will be in Devices, so click on devices and that will bring you to another screen.  The first tab is the printers & scanners tab.  By default windows manages your printer by setting the default printer to the last one used, so if you have more than one printer could cause problems.  We recommend you change it to off.

Windows 10










For additional configuration instructions, please utilize the  Windows 10 Configuration Document we have posted in the Resource Center of the Welcome Page.

As always, we will do our best to support you and keep you informed of any new developments.


New Additions to the Ideal Sales Team


Josh Moses

Many of you have probably noticed some new faces on the Ideal Sales Team in recent months. First of all, we’d like to introduce our newest member of the sales team, Josh Moses. Josh began working in March as an Account Manager in charge of upgrade sales for current customers. He has since transitioned into an Account Executive role and now works with new prospects interested in implementing the Ideal system.

Prior to working at Ideal, Josh spent the last eight years in the automotive industry selling direct and digital automotive marketing, and also spent a year selling cars at a dealership. Although they are different industries, he feels there are a lot of similarities between automotive and the industries Ideal serves that allow him to understand what dealers’ pain points are and what solutions can help solve their problems.

When Josh is away from work, he’s busy working on completing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, spending time with his wife Emily and two kids Max (6) and Macy (5), reading as much as he can, and cheering on his beloved Oakland Raiders and Chicago White Sox.

“I’m excited to come in to work every day here,” said Josh. “Being able to offer customers products that improve their business and lives is incredibly rewarding. I believe if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want. I also really enjoy the small business culture. The opportunity to help the business grow and develop into a larger enterprise is both challenging and exciting.”


Brit Connor Moves into Account Manager Role

Brit ConnorWith Josh’s quick transition into new sales, former Business Development Representative Brit Connor has been promoted to an Account Manager. Brit works alongside Brian Mohr and is responsible for handling the needs of Ideal customers in the Northeast and Southwest regions.

“I’m super excited about getting the opportunity be an Account Manager here,” said Brit. “My personal goal that I’m striving for is to build a relationship with our customer base. I want them to know that I’m here to help, and not just to be the guy on the other side of the phone. This is a partnership to make their business grow and I want to be there to help make that happen.”

Who is My Ideal Account Manager?


We’re pleased to announce that Ideal now has two account managers in place to handle any questions you may have about new products including our rental module and mobile app, upgrades to your current system, and provide advice on ways to improve your system.

Brit Connor has been promoted from his previous role as a Business Development Representative and will join Brian Mohr as an Account Manager. Each will work with Ideal users in their respective regional territories.  Brit replaces Josh Moses, who has accepted a position as an Ideal Account Representative in charge of acquiring new customers.

Brit’s focus is on the Northeast and Southwest regions, while Brian will continue to work with his customer base in the Northwest and Southeast regions.  To make it easier for you to know who your account manager is, we have included a map.



Click here to find your account manager

If you have any questions, software, or hardware needs, please contact your account manager.

Brian Mohr (Northwest and Southeast Regions)


Brit Connor (Northeast and Southwest Regions)


Don’t Leave Money on the Table from Outdated Price Lists


One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your dealership is not updating your price lists.  Ideal has updated many major manufacturer lists and added additional lists. These lists can significantly increase your profitability during your busiest times, so it’s essential you update your lists each time a new one becomes available.  We’ve had dealers lose as much as $400 on a single item by simply not updating their price lists.

To put it in perspective, if you have $100,000 in part sales and your outdated price lists are off by 5%, you must increase sales by 25% to bring in the same amount as you would with the updated price list.

Cost of mis-pricing 500

Click here to download this image in PDF


Your Ideal system provides you with an easy overview of the status of your price lists as well as the ability to add new ones. To view the status of your price lists:
1) Go to Applications>Product>Load Price Lists
2) The PL History button will show you when you last loaded a specific list
3) The Purchase Price Lists Button (if you’re on notify) will allow you to purchase a new list

Price List Status

You can also view and order price lists online by visiting this link:

If there are any lines that you’d like to added to the database, or if you have any questions about your price lists, including whether or not you have the notify option selected in Ideal, please let us know by calling 800-737-1620 and Option #4 or emailing

Important Information on the Windows 10 Pro Upgrade and Ideal


Windows 10

The Ideal Support Department would like to make you aware of an update that could impact your daily operations of the Ideal system. We’ve had some calls from Ideal users who are receiving notifications prompting them to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. The Ideal software has been tested on Windows 10 Pro and it has proved to be compatible with little or no issue. We have also found that the purchase order interfaces and PartSmart seem to be functioning properly, but we cannot say with full certainty that all of our partners’ software is compatible without further testing.

Please be advised that if you choose to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, you may run the risk of compatibility issues with your system. We have seen situations where old printers with wide connectors for star printers, cash drawers, label printers, and old Okidata dot matrix printers will not work in Windows 10 and the only solution is to buy new hardware. If you are unsure of your hardware’s compatibility, please consult with a hardware expert.

It is also essential that you back up your Ideal data prior to updating to Windows 10.

In addition, we have added a Windows 10 Configuration Document in the Resource Center of the Welcome Page.

As always, we will do our best to support you and keep you informed of any new developments.

Please Note: New Link for Ideal Remote Support


The Ideal Support Department would like to make you aware that the link used to connect and share your desktop with a member of our team is no longer functional.

When asked to connect with one of our technicians, please use this new link:

This link can also be utilized in the upper right hand corner of the Welcome Page.












Attention Ideal Mobile App Users: Sign up for an In-depth Training Webinar!


Now that you have implemented Ideal’s mobile app, would you like some additional training on how to use some of the app’s key service features to help streamline operations through your busiest season?

Join us for an in-depth training session that will take you through the ins and outs of the app’s service features. We will show you how to:

- Clock in and out of work orders.

- Add labor and comments to work orders and complete jobs.

- Take pictures and attach them to specific units, work orders and customers.

- Expedite check-ins.

And more!

This training session is available on two different days, so please select the session that works best with your schedule.

Option #1:

Wednesday, March 9th at 9 a.m. (Eastern Time)
Duration: 90 minutes
Register for this training session


Option #2:

Thursday, March 10th at 4 p.m. (Eastern Time)
Duration: 90 minutes
Register for this training session

All who are in attendance will receive a recording of their session.


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