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7 Ways to Create the Best Customer Experience and “Wow” Them into Doing Business with You


Ideal Computer SystemsAs a dealer who has to compete with big box stores and the Internet, creating the best possible experience has never been more important.  Here are 7 proven ways to create the best customer experience and breed customer loyalty into your dealership.


1. Maintain a clean and organized dealership

We all know that first impressions can mean everything.  That’s why it’s critical that the overall look and feel of your dealership is presented in the best way possible.  This means having a very clean and organized business.  As challenging as it can be with all of the dirt and equipment that comes through your doors, you need to make a conscious effort to keep your floors, product shelves, and counters clean.  Organize products so they are all facing the consumer and are appealing to the eye.  If you have stools at your counter with tears or duct tape on them, get rid of them and replace them with new ones that are inviting to sit on.  It’s essential that you create an environment where anyone would be comfortable sending any member of their family into your dealership to do business with you.


 2. Make sure all of your products have professional-quality price labels

This is an area that Bob Clements, dealership consultant and president of Bob Clements International, highly stresses to his clients.  You must have labels on every item of merchandise.  If there’s no label, it indicates it’s not for sale.  Make sure you avoid hand-written labels.  If it’s hand-written, it implies that the price is negotiable.  Check with your manufacturer reps to see if you can get professional-quality pricing labels for your merchandise.  If you use industry-specific business management software, check with your provider to see what kind of options they offer for printing professional-quality labels directly from your system.


3. Offer competitive prices on common items and make a big deal out of it
Another area that Clements suggests as a great way to draw customers in is to have competitive prices on 6-12 of your most common, highest selling items that people generally know the price.  He refers to this as the “Wal-Mart” method of pricing.  If you sell those items at slightly lower than MSRP, and make up the margin differential on the lesser-known priced items, you’ll be able to absorb the costs and reap major benefits.  For example, if you sell a common air filter cheaper than MSRP, create signage that says “check out our prices” and show what the MSRP is and what you charge.  You’ll start to become known as the dealership that has great prices.


4. Make your showroom floor engaging and interactive
Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to displaying items on your showroom floor.  Since this area is the main attraction in your dealership, make your showroom as appealing and inviting as possible.  Take your best items, add all the best features and invite people to try things out.  Create signs asking them to sit on your equipment so they can get a real feel for them.  One other tip, treat your showroom like a car dealer does.  Include all the loaded extras on units and list the price.  It’s much easier to start a unit priced at its pinnacle and take items off than it is to start from scratch and add items on.


5. Create an environment that welcomes daily traffic
This is an area you can have fun with and even be a little creative.  The object is to make your dealership an area where the local community enjoys visiting.  Offer free coffee, free soda or free popcorn to everyone who comes through your doors.  If you have a well-mannered, people-friendly pet, let them hang out at the shop and serve as your business mascot.  The idea is to make your dealership a familiar and friendly hangout that’s well known throughout the community.  This can prove to be a relatively cheap and effective way to promote the business and generate great word of mouth.


6. Keep your dealer management software up-to-date so anyone in your business can look up information for a customer and provide the information they are looking for
With all of the steps you take to make your dealership inviting, the most important thing you need to do once the person enters your business is to be knowledgeable about every customer, the units they are having serviced, and the merchandise you carry.  The easiest way to do this is through an industry-specific dealer management system.  By tracking all of your customer, product, inventory and work order history, anyone in your dealership should be able to greet a customer, look them up and let them know the status of their service orders.  If they are looking for a particular product, you should be able to easily look it up in your system to see what your quantities are.  This will reduce the amount of time it takes serving your customer and leave them with a great feeling in knowing that your entire dealership is knowledgeable about them as a customer and the business they’ve done with you.


7. Properly clean all equipment that leaves your service department
As important as it is to create a great first impression, you also want to put as much, if not more, effort into leaving a great lasting impression.  This means any equipment serviced in your dealership, no matter how dirty it is, should leave looking as close to new as possible.  If your state’s guidelines allow you to wash the equipment, do so.  If not, you can still take measures to ensure the equipment leaves in cleaner condition than how it came in.  Paying attention to this detail will impress your customers when they pick up their equipment and will motivate them to tell others about the great service you offer.

By incorporating just a few of these practices into the appearance of your dealership and the experience you provide for your customers, you’ll quickly begin creating the “wow” factor that you are looking for when it comes to creating a solid base of loyal customers.


Download this article in PDF:

Did you know you can reprint the Special Orders Allocated report in Ideal?


The Special Orders Allocated report is included in the Print Purchase Receipt report.

To reprint the Special Orders Allocated report,

1. Select Applications -> Purchasing -> Purchasing Reports -> Print Purchase Receipt from the main menu.


2. Select a Sort By option for the Purchase Receipt report.

3. Select a Special Orders Sort By for the Special Orders Allocated report.

4. Use any of the other filters to narrow down your selections.

5. Click the Preview button to display the report.

Note:  The Purchase Receipt report will display and print on the first page and the Special Orders Allocated report will display and print on the next page.  Use the arrow keys at the top of the preview to see the additional pages.

For more information on how to get the most out of Ideal’s software features, check out our Popular Topics section on the Ideal Welcome Page.

Important News for Windows XP Users


Ideal Computer SystemsYou may have been hearing a lot lately about Microsoft discontinuing the support of the Windows XP operating system.

If you are currently running your Ideal software on Windows XP, here’s what it means to you:

After April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer support the Windows XP operating system, and Windows Server 2003 will soon follow.  This means there will no longer be any new operating system updates or security patches for any computer running on Windows XP after April 8th, and you will no longer be able to license a PC with Windows XP at that point.  Many of the parts/equipment manufacturers have also said they are discontinuing support for Windows XP.  This could potentially affect various third party integrations.

If you process credit cards online, you may run into some PCI compliancy issues running your credit card processing on Windows XP.  To avoid any issues, such as fees for being non-compliant, we recommend you check with your merchant services provider and review your compliancy.

Ideal Computers Systems will discontinue support for specific issues regarding the Windows XP operating system after April 8th, but we will still support your Ideal software running on an XP computer as best we can.  Also, as time goes on, the lack of new security patches for Windows XP could leave you more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

What can you do to help your PCI compliancy and ensure your computers function properly?

Your best option is to purchase new computers that meet our hardware requirements, which is something we recommend you do every 4-6 years to ensure you have the highest functioning, most reliable, and secure system to handle your everyday business needs.  Ideal offers some of the best and most powerful PCs in the business.  To check out what’s available, you can contact Brian Mohr at or call 319-261-1209 for pricing and ordering information.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you choose to purchase hardware from a third-party, we recommend it has a Windows 7 operating system to ensure Ideal runs properly.  If you need Ideal to configure it to your network, there will be a charge of $450 for a server, $270 for each workstation, and $120 for each printer. Other charges apply to other third party peripherals.  If you can configure a new workstation on your own, there is no charge.  If you can configure a new server yourself, Ideal charges $195 to migrate the Ideal data base and the Ideal data files to the new server.

We appreciate your business and look forward in continuing to bring you the best in service and support.


Live Webinar: Change the Experience and Improve Your Profits


bob_clements_webinarCustomers today expect a certain experience when they walk into a dealership. Join us for a webinar with an OPE dealership expert Bob Clements who will share the importance of creating a “unique” experience in your dealership and how to use that experience to improve profits and build loyalty with customers.

During this free webinar, you will learn:

  • The biggest mistakes dealers make in Service, Parts and Sales that affect their profits.
  • How to negotiate on wholegood sales with special service packages.
  • How to cater to your bigger customers to build loyalty.

When: 2pm ET on Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: Free

What you need to participate: This is an online session. All you need is a computer, headset (or phone) and internet connection!

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Interview with Arbor Tech Reveals How Having the Right Tools in Place can Quickly Build a Business from the Ground Up


Arbor Tech - outdoorsAs a 30-year veteran in arboriculture, Michael Wintermyer began Arbor Tech Supply in 2008 with the goal of providing professional arborist equipment to both the general public and professionals.

The Remington, VA, business started small and has grown significantly over the last six years thanks in large part to carrying some of the industry’s top product lines and the hiring of April Dehn, a former bank manager, to help manage the daily operations of the business.

April’s main goal was to find additional ways to save time and money and her banking experience led her to develop a plan for improving Arbor Tech’s merchant services.

We recently sat down with April to discuss how she became involved in the business, the challenges she’s faced and the obstacles she’s overcome in order to help make Arbor Tech the thriving business it is today.

Ideal: How did you become involved with Arbor Tech Supply?

April:  “I came onboard three years ago to help build the business, work on some of its efficiency, and pretty much manage everything.  Having served 15 years in the banking industry, I immediately started looking for ways to cut costs, save money and improve our overall daily process.”

Ideal: What areas did you notice were costing you the most time and money and how did you go about improving them?

April:  “In looking at ways to improve the business, one of the things that I came across was our merchant services.  I wanted to find the cheapest and best way to take care of our customers.  We wanted to be able to easily accept Visa, MasterCard, gift cards, etc., without it costing us a fortune.  I got pricing from local merchant service reps and local banks.  Everybody kept promising me cheaper pricing, but it was all pretty much the same as what we already had plus we’d have to lease or buy another piece of equipment.  We did not want to go through that.

At the same time we started using Ideal and loved everything about it.  It was making a huge improvement in our efficiency as a store, how we did our inventory, how we kept track of things and how we took care of our customers in our service department.  We used significantly less paper, our data was all in one place, and everybody was getting used to it.  I was still in the process of thinking about what I was going to do with merchant services and that is when I talked to Brian Mohr, our sales rep, and he mentioned Ideal’s integration with ChargeItPro.  We got everything setup and we love it!”

Ideal: How hard was it to transition your business into utilizing ChargeItPro?

April:  “The implementation went very smoothly.  They did a great job of explaining how it worked, how it integrated with Ideal and what kind of pricing we would have.  The price was better than what I was currently paying, so I was already saving money in this regard.

Once we got through all the contracting and all the paperwork was done, it only took a few days to process.  Within a couple hours of installation, ChargeItPro walked us through how to use it and we were off and running. It was so easy to do!”

Ideal: In what ways has implementing an integrated merchant services system contributed to the growth of your business?

April:  “There are so many things.  The equipment is easy.  All I need is a little inexpensive scanner to attach to my system to swipe a card.  I don’t have to go away from my computer and go to the counter to use another piece of equipment, which I previously had to do.

Not only are we saving money because the processing itself is cheaper, we’re also saving a huge amount of time.  I don’t have to stop interacting with the customer to walk to the counter, enter all the credit card information, wait for the receipt to process, print out receipt, go back, have customer sign, close that on the POS system, then staple all that together and make sure we didn’t lose anything.  ChargeItPro makes this process so easy.  You swipe the card, everything transmits directly to the Ideal, you print out one receipt, the customer signs on the signature pad and the signature is in the computer.  What a perfect system!  It just works so smoothly!  We’ve been so thrilled with it.

I get calls all the time now from people who want to sell me one of the merchant services.  I say to them, ‘You know what, I’m extremely happy with what I already have, there’s nothing you can do to convince differently, so have a good day!’  They tell me they can save me more money and I say, ‘Nope, you can’t save more than what my company already does for me.’  So needless to say, we love it!”

Ideal: Balance statements can be a nightmare without the proper tools in place.  What impact has integrated merchant services had on your bookkeeping?

April: “It’s so easy!  At the end of each day my team prints out a report, sends it up to me, I input into the system, match it up with the bank statement and I’m literally done.  It takes no time at all.  Previously it was a nightmare.  Now it takes me just minutes to balance my merchant services account, rather than an hour or two. It’s just tremendous.”

Ideal:  How has this new process improved your customer service?

April:  “It’s the time. Even if you’re taking two minutes to process a payment, it feels like eternity and they wonder what is taking so long.  When the machine is slow they’re afraid that their card was declined or something’s wrong.  Just the fact that’s it so quick allows us to provide the customer with a better experience.  We feel it’s the best thing we can do for our customer.

Another thing ChargeItPro has allowed us to do is gift cards.  This has worked really well for us over the last two years.  We had little cards designed and they look great.  I talked to our representative about what our business was and they sent me samples of cards.  They created several different designs for us to choose from and a week later I had my cards in my hand.  That was a real benefit for us, as well as for our customers.  All mass merchants out there have gift cards, but we’re just one small independent business and we felt like we couldn’t compete with that.  Now we can because of ChargeItPro and it wasn’t very expensive at all.  It makes us seem like a big store when we’re just a small independent business.  So that was really nice.”

Ideal: What advice would you give to someone that is looking to implement new tools to help them save time and money?

April:  “Get Ideal and get ChargeItPro!  There’s nothing else I could say.  When I was a bank manager, so many of my customers would come and complain about their merchant services.  They complained about the costs and how long it took them to get their money.  With ChargeItPro I get my money into our account the very next day.  This makes it easy to pay bills and get everything done right away.  When I was dealing with customers at the bank, it took them 2-3 days to get their money.  For a small business that’s huge because they need that money right away.

Everything that ChargeItPro has done for me is save time and money, probably in even more ways than I even realize.  I’m a full supporter of it.  It’s gotten to the point where there may be somebody out there that can promise me something cheaper and it’s just not going to matter to me.  The ease of using it and the costs has provided so many benefits for us.  My employees can’t make mistakes.  There’s no way to make a mistake because the computer does all for you.  This process just makes sense for a small business.  It cuts out errors and anything that can possibly happen.  It just does it all for you.  What else could you possibly want?”

Learn more about Ideal’s Integrated Credit Card Processing Feature >>


Canadian OPE Dealer Revamps Inventory Counting Process with Ideal’s New Mobile Inventory App


Thornhill logoInventory control can literally make or break the profitability of an OPE dealership.  For General Manager John Engelsman of Thornhill Lawn Equipment, inventory control was an area of the business that needed some added attention.

Making the switch from non-industry specific software to Ideal in March of 2013 already had a positive impact.   The Thornhill, ON, business soon began reaping the benefits of an overall snapshot and reporting analysis of their inventory.  With all of their inventory data at their fingertips, it was time to take it to the next level by saving time and reducing costs with inventory counts.  Ideal provided an answer with its new mobile inventory app.

Business Results since Implementing Ideal’s Mobile Inventory App:

Quick and Accurate Inventory Counts

John and his staff noticed an immediate improvement in how quick and easy it is to conduct inventory counts with Ideal’s new mobile inventory app.  They are able to scan all of their inventory from an Apple device and immediately update all of the quantities and bin locations in the Ideal software.  The direct updates into Ideal saves time and ensures a higher level of accuracy.    

“I think Ideal did a great job developing this new mobile inventory app,” said John.  “You can easily scan the bar code, or enter the part number, look up the inventory on-hand, and update the count without having to go back and forth to the computer.  It also prevents human error in that you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally entering in the wrong quantities.”  

Reduction in Cost and Staff during Inventory Counts

Thornhill noticed an immediate reduction in costs needed to conduct inventory counts.  Since the app allows him to conduct rapidly quicker inventory counts, the amount of staff and man hours needed to count inventory is greatly reduced, which also greatly reduces operating expenses.

“This app has become a huge time and money saver,” said John.  “We’ve been able to reduce the staff needed to conduct year-end inventory counts by half which makes a tremendous difference in the costs involved to perform inventory counts.”

Increased Tracking of Fastest Moving Parts

The ability to perform quick inventory counts has also provided John and his staff with the ability to keep better tabs on their fast moving items.  Being able to track their quickest moving items on a more frequent basis will ensure that Thornhill always has their most popular items on hand, the quantities in the Ideal system are accurate and they can serve their customers quickly and efficiently.

“The ability to do spot checks for fast moving inventory items has been a tremendous advantage with the new mobile app,” said John.  “This is an area we always have to stay on top of and it has been made much easier with the ability to do quick scans on these items and update them straight into Ideal.”

“Bottom line is that Ideal, as a whole, is the perfect match for our company,” added John.  “Its straightforward simplicity makes this the ultimate software for the OPE dealer and I have not regretted my decision.”


Update Your Ideal Price Lists NOW for Maximum Profitability


The Ideal Price List Department would like to remind you that now is the time of year that you should be ordering and updating your price lists in Ideal to prepare for the busy season.  We’ve updated many major manufacturer lists and have added additional lists. 

Ideal v8.4 has new features that give you a more detailed overview of the status of your price lists.
1) Go to Applications>Product>Load Price Lists
2) The PL History button will show you when you last loaded a specific list
3) The Purchase Price Lists Button (if you’re on notify) will allow you to purchase a new list


You can also view and order price lists online by visiting this link:  

In order for you to achieve maximum profitability on your parts, it’s essential that you upload these updated lists.  In addition, if there are any lines that you’d like to added to the database, or if you have any questions about your price lists, including whether or not you have the notify option selected in Ideal, please let us know by calling 800-737-1620 ext. 223 or 224 or emailing

How to Stay Busy and Remain Profitable During the Off-Season


When the busy season winds down, it’s time to start thinking about how to stay occupied and keep your business flowing during your slow season. Here are ten tips you can apply to improve your business and improve cash flow during the slow season:

1. Encourage customers to have their equipment serviced now.

This can be a godsend for your technicians during the slow season because it boosts their workload. It’s very important that you offer incentives that persuade your customers to come in and have their units serviced now, because many people pack up their units for the winter and don’t care about maintenance until next season.

Mike Grollmus of Al Joe’s, who has used this concept to promote lawnmower tune-ups:

““I sent out 3,500 letters to customers that bought equipment from me in the last seven years. I used Ideal’s mail merge to create the letter and the list. The mail merge feature made it easy. I offered to tune up their equipment, pick up, and deliver it. As a result of the mailing, I had 1,100 pieces of equipment in my shop to tune up during my slow season! I grossed $150,000 in sales from a $1,700 mailing that took just hours!”

If you are considering implementing this plan into your business, offer your customers a special discount or gift for having their unit serviced during your slow times. Motivate them and give them a reason to do business with you now.

2. Pick up an off-season line.

If it works into your budget and you can invest the time to get it up and running, one of the best ways to make money during the off-season is to pick up a new product line.

For example, Ideal customer Jason Anderson of Andersons’ Sales and Service and his co-owners added Honda powersports to their outdoor power equipment business in the late 90’s to generate more sales. Although it took time to get the line up and going, it proved to be an incredibly successful move.

From 2001 to 2003 they saw their business grow by 1.6 million and he contributes the boost in powersports sales as one of the reasons for their rapid growth.

““One of the things that helped increase sales during that time was a boost in our motorcycle sales,” said Jason Anderson, co-owner of Andersons’ Sales and Service. “We added Honda powersports to our business in 1997 and in the beginning we experienced a slow start in sales. Our motorcycle business didn’t really take off until 2001, but it has provided a big boost in sales ever since.”

Andersons’ Sales and Service isn’t alone. Many outdoor power equipment businesses have started to take on the powersports market and it has proven to be successful because customers are shopping for “fun toys” all year round. Use caution, however, and do some serious research! The most important thing to remember when making this jump is to make sure there is a need for an additional product line in your community. Also make sure you have the time, effort, and resources to make the line profitable. The last thing you want is to add additional inventory that won’t move.

3. Get rid of items that are tying up money and shelf space.

For many businesses, their biggest downfall lies in their inventory management. Therefore, it’s much to your advantage to go through your entire inventory and eliminate items that are sucking the life out of your bank account. The most important thing is that you put the profits in your pocket and improve your cash flow instead of having money sitting on the shelf.

4. See what items have been allocated to customers and haven’t been picked up.

When it’s your busy season, it’s incredibly easy to lose track of items that you have ordered for customers and have never been picked up. Often times these items get stored away and can easily be misplaced. This can be a critical mistake if the customer eventually returns and asks for the item, because you might have to re-order the item again and put even more money into your inventory.

So use some of your downtime during the off-season to go through your allocated items in your business management system that have not been picked up and call those customers. If the customer doesn’t want the item, return it to the stock shelf so it can be sold to someone else who may need it.

5. Do a thorough cleaning of your entire business.

When it’s your busy season it’s difficult to find time to clean and make sure everything is neat and organized. Take some time during your slow season to clean all the nooks and crannies of your business.  Re-organize the items on your inventory shelves that are out of order.  Replace light bulbs and upgrade ceiling tiles, furniture, landscaping, etc. You invest a lot of money into promoting your business.  Now it’s time to invest into its physical condition.  You’ll be surprised at how just a few simple changes can boost the public appeal of your dealership!

6. Provide additional training for your employees.

Knowledge is power so it’s very important that all of your technicians and salespeople are up-to-date on all the latest information and attend necessary training sessions. In addition, your slow season is also the perfect time to educate your employees on how to properly use your BMS. Take time and go through your BMS with your employees and make sure everyone knows how to use all applications correctly. It’s also a great opportunity for you to look through your system and clean out any unnecessary data.

7. Update your service codes or put together new service packages in your BMS.

Your off-season is a perfect time to go through your computer system and evaluate your work order module to determine if all of the service codes you’ve created are working efficiently for your business. Determine if any additions or changes need to be made. It’s also a great opportunity to see if you can create new service packages that you can easily add to an invoice, rather than having to add each item individually.

8. Add/update flat rates and warranty codes in your BMS.

Your off-season is also a great time to go through all of your flat rates and warranty codes in your computer system and make any necessary changes. Check to make sure your codes match up with codes issued by your manufacturers.

9. Check all of your computer workstations and determine if you need to upgrade any hardware.

Your workstations and all of your computer hardware take a beating during the busy season. Therefore it’s important to look through all of your computer equipment and determine if there is a need to upgrade and/or replace any hardware. Ask yourself… do my computers run as fast as I need them to? Are my monitors easy to read? Do all of my keyboards work properly? Do my printers function properly and print clearly? Do I need any new cash drawers or scanners? Do I need any additional workstations? This simple evaluation can help you avoid big problems when things start to pick up. Taking the time and applying just a few of these suggestions can easily help to stay ahead of the game, boost your efficiency and become better organized. The more hard work and preparation you do now to get ready for your next busy season, the more it will pay off in the long run in both time and profits.

10. Establish Goals.

Run reports in your DMS and analyze how your business did in sales, labor efficiency, inventory turns, etc. Use that historical data to establish goals for the upcoming year.  The more prepared you are heading into the next busy season, the easier it will be to achieve and even surpass your desired results.

Remember, the more hard work and preparation you do now to get ready for your next busy season, the more it will pay off in the long run in both time and profits!


Download this article in PDF:

NEW Feature in Ideal Provides Instant Profitability


If you’re like many dealers, the backbone of your operation relies heavily on your service department.  We all know that the efficiency of your technicians greatly impacts your bottom line.  Any time spent away from turning wrenches greatly affects your profitability.  Here’s an example:

Think about a customer that comes in asking for some of your traditional, fastest moving parts.  They’ve made your job easy because all you have to do is look up the part, availability, and location, and the customer is on their way.  The same, however, cannot always be said for your service department. 

When a customer brings a unit in for service, the tech must first evaluate the unit and then determine what parts are needed.  Some are a relatively easy fix.  Others, however, take more time and research in both diagnosing the problem and locating some of your lower volume parts.  When more research and special ordering is involved, this whole process has just doubled if not tripled your time and resources.  To maintain a profitable service department, it’s essential to reduce some of the costs involved.

OPE Consultant Bob Clements stresses to his clients on a daily basis the importance of staying profitable in the service department and offers this advice.  “I’ve encouraged dealers for the last several years to add 5% to the parts they sell to their own service department to help cover the additional costs.  Adding an additional 5% on all parts under $100 offsets some of the expense.  I recommend to markup parts 5% more than needed and then give a 5% discount to customers who walk in simply to purchase a part, so that they aren’t overcharged.”

Ideal Computer Systems and Clements have worked to help simplify this process with a new price markup feature.  When utilized properly, any markup in the Ideal software is automatically applied to work orders which, in turn, keeps the service department consistent in their pricing and opens up the door for some significant profit-generating opportunities. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure you’ve updated to Ideal v8.4
  2. Go to Applications>Work Order>Work Order Setup
  3. Under Price increase for Parts Sold on a Work Order, enter your desired amount.
  4. Click OK


“With this new feature Ideal added to its software any dealer, with the click of a button, can instantly get the extra 5% on shop parts,” said Clements. “This means the average dealer who sells $200,000 or more to their service department can virtually pick up an additional $10,000 or more in net profit.  Ideal is the only software provider I know who provides this feature.  It truly is a turning point in the future of dealership profitability.”

Become a Master of Your Inventory in 2014!


Inventory GuideInventory is often a major point of interest for Ideal users.  Because of the ongoing demand for better inventory control, we’ve worked extensively with our Research & Development team and inventory dealership experts to come up with a variety of resources designed to help you become a master of your inventory in 2014.

Make it a point to check these items out:

Ideal Welcome Page:

There are a variety of Popular Topics posted on the Ideal for Windows Welcome Page right now, including:

  • Performing an Inventory Count
  • Getting an Inventory Valuation for the Previous Period
  • Getting an Inventory Report with On Hand Quantities and Costs

Make sure your Welcome Page is refreshed and up-to-date so you don’t miss the latest hot topics.


Ideal’s NEW Mobile Inventory App:
This app works on most Apple devices and will enable you to take accurate counts of inventory and instantly upload it directly into your Ideal for Windows system.
Learn more about Ideal’s NEW Mobile Inventory App


7 Proven Steps to Controlling Your Inventory Once and for All:
This Do-It-Yourself guide will show you how to properly count your inventory, get rid of dead inventory, and plan future goals to help you successfully control your inventory and make a profit.
Download our FREE Inventory Guide


Webinar-on-Demand: Gain Control of Your Inventory Once and for All
Join dealership expert Bob Clements for an hour-long session where he’ll show the biggest mistakes dealers make when it comes to controlling inventory and how to calculate and maintain stocking levels.

Watch Bob Clements’s Inventory Control webinar now!

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