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Ideal’s Thanksgiving Hours



We want to make sure you’re aware of Ideal’s business hours during the Thanksgiving week.  These hours are designed to give Ideal employees time with their families, as well as continue to support you. The hours are as follows:

Thursday, November 26 – Ideal Closed – No Support Available
Friday, November 27 – Ideal Closed – On-call Emergency Calls Only
Saturday, November 28 – Regular Support Available from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. CT

From everyone at Ideal, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  We’re thankful to have you as our customer!


Ideal to Migrate to a New Telecommunication System on November 19th


On Thursday, November 19th, Ideal will be migrating to a new telecommunication system. Our Support Center and office phone numbers will remain the same, but there will be changes to our incoming call options. This new system will include better phone queue visibility, as well as better metrics for reporting.

Once the transition takes places, there could be some initial delays in regards to leaving voicemails for support. For the fastest service, we ask that you submit a ticket via the Click to Request a Support Call button located on our Welcome Page.

We appreciate your patience with us during the implementation phase of the new phone system.


Latest Version of IDS Mobile App is Now Available for Download from App Stores


An updated version of the Ideal Mobile App is available now to download from the Android and iOS App stores. This update is focused largely on customer feedback on service and support for iOS 9.x, while continuing to deliver improved performance and reliability.

Please ensure that your dealership has the Ideal v8.9 Build 210 Fall Release, which is a pre-requisite to run this version of the Mobile App. Here are some steps you should follow:

1. Run the Ideal Update.
2. Download the new app on your mobile devices.
3. Go to the machine running the Mobile Service (it will be the only machine that shows this Menu: Applications, System Manager, Mobile Service Update) and run the Mobile Service Update.


















Message from Support Manager Renee Hiemstra on Ideal Support’s Upcoming Technology Upgrades


Seminar1-sfwPrior to the end of the year, Ideal will be implementing two major infrastructure improvements. We will be upgrading our support ticket management system to take advantage of better performance and new features. This upgrade has been planned and tested for several months, therefore we are not anticipating any impact on our ability to continue to provide high quality support to our customers. We all know the best plans can sometimes still encounter some hiccups, so we ask for your patience if we do encounter any issues that cause delays addressing your questions.

The second major infrastructure change, will be a new telecommunication system. Our Support Center and office phone numbers will not change, but we will have an improved support phone queue. More information will be provided as we get closer to this change.

Renee Hiemstra

2015 Training Seminar Recap and 2016 Seminar Date Announced!


Seminar1-sfwSeptember’s Ideal Training Seminar proved to be Ideal’s best yet! We were pleased to welcome 56 attendees from 37 business in 21 different states for the three-day event at The Hotel at Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids, IA.

“I had never been to anything like this so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It taught me a lot about the system and Ideal,” said Tara Hampton of Bi-Lo Sales & Service in Ocala, FL. “Just stepping through the program from start to finish has taught me so many short cuts. You have a great staff that’s very knowledgeable and ready to assist in any way they can. Kirkwood was a great place for the seminar. It was very nice and easy to get to. The food was fabulous and the area was bright and cheerful.”

Ideal’s Lead Trainer Dave Baumgarten presented the majority of material to Ideal users and was accompanied by a supporting cast that included Support Manager Renee Hiemstra, Trainer Troy Simon, Lead AP/GL Trainer Nicole Lindsey, Support Representative Jami Jaspering, Account Manager Brian Mohr, Director of Product Management Mario Britz and General Manager Sean Raynor. Each covered specific areas of Ideal and provided attendees with a wealth of information from different perspectives.

“Dave is incredibly knowledgeable on the Ideal system,” said Dale Golden of Midwest Equipment in Peoria, IL. “He was patient with questions and had an answer for everything. He was also very efficient with the amount of time he had. I didn’t realize how many features the program had until I visited the seminar. It’s a great way to meet others that use the software and it helps clear up a lot of questions.”

“We are purchasing the AP and GL modules and I wanted to get a feel for the software,” said Tom Oswald of Sylvania Mower Center in Sylvania, OH. “Nicole did a good job of presenting the accounting information and sold me on the software.”

“Jami is a lot like Nicole. They both did a great job helping us ‘newer’ dealers and we walked away with a few really good tips and tricks to make our life easier,” said Tanya Kistner of Eau Claire Lawn Equipment in Eau Claire, WI. “We really like the direction the programmers are going and would love to get more familiar with the mobile app. We love the idea of connecting our website to Ideal for selling parts and pricing inventory. Overall, I just love meeting the employees and knowing the future plans and direction of the company. It gives us positive feelings that we have made the right choice in Ideal.”

In addition to the Ideal staff, dealership expert Bob Clements was also on hand to speak to dealers about key metrics they should be analyzing in their business.

“I had not heard of Bob before and he threw some great ideas that I am planning on implementing into our business,” added Tara Hampton.

As a whole, attendees saw the value of attending an annual training seminar and were left with invaluable information that they can take home to their dealership.

“This seminar is a must for Ideal users,” added Tom Oswald. “I need to send my employees for the modules that pertain to them.”

“The tips we have learned will easily pay for the cost of the seminar within the next month and there is no price that can be put on the decrease in frustration we will feel now,” added Tanya Kistner. “Each seminar we attend, we get more and more comfortable with the program.

Ideal thanks all who attended and is pleased to announce the date for the 2016 seminar. Based on feedback from this year, we’ve decided to extend the seminar to four days. Next year’s event will take place Monday, September 26th through Thursday, September 29th at The Hotel at Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids, IA. Additional details, including registration information, will be available in December.

Android 6 and iOS 9 Upgrade


We’d like to remind all Mobile app users to please hold off on updating their Android and iOS devices to Android 6 – Marshmallow and iOS 9 respectively, which is currently not supported by Ideal Mobile App.

We plan to update Ideal Mobile App to support the new platforms as part of our release in November 2015, and we will notify you as soon as this release is available.

Please notify all your Mobile App users, to ensure that they are informed of this important message.

ChargeItPro and the new EMV standard for chip & pin cards


IDEAL and ChargeItPro are working hard to get our mutual customers updated for EMV. ChargeItPro’s software code is complete, and they’re in the final stages of testing. ChargeItPro is aiming to start updating IDEAL customers within the next few weeks.

For questions about EMV, please call Dan O’Bannon at 800-989-2135 x 314 or email

If you have questions about EMV and how the liability shift may affect you, please visit the links below:


Ideal’s Trainers Emphasize that Profitability will be the Focal Point of this Year’s Seminar


Seminar1-sfwIdeal users who attend this year’s Ideal Training Seminar can expect to learn more in-depth usages of Ideal when it comes to monitoring success and boosting profitability in your business. We recently sat down with our presenters, Dave Baumgarten, Nicole Lindsey, and Bob Clements, to discuss the upcoming agenda and each shared what they want dealers to take away from their presentations.

“This year I plan on using a different approach from years past,” said Ideal’s Lead Trainer Dave Baumgarten. “I want the main focus of the material I present to revolve around reporting, controlling inventory, and becoming more profitable.”

Dave, a 20+ veteran of the Ideal system, has been conducting these seminars throughout the majority of his career. Although his itinerary has always provided a wealth of information on each area of the Ideal system, he says this year he’d like to take the focus away from some of the routine processes and gear his training more toward using the system to monitor profitability in your dealership.

“Our customers have been given the right data and the right tools,” said Dave. “I want to make sure they come away from this seminar knowing how to create and utilize the proper reports and features in Ideal that will manage their business more effectively.”

In addition, Dave wants Ideal users to come away with more aggressive strategies to boost the overall profitability of their business.

“I want to show dealers more ways that Ideal can help them manage their inventory and create the proper pricing structure in order for them to gain maximum profitability while remaining competitive,” added Dave.

Dealership expert Bob Clements plans to tie in his presentation with Dave’s agenda. He will offer the group tips on understanding the key performance indicators for service parts and sales that high performance dealerships use as a baseline to measure performance for both their people and each department.

“There is an old saying in business that you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and you can’t measure that you don’t understand,” said Bob. “The Ideal software gives a dealership all of the information they need to both measure and manage a dealership’s people and their performance so that the business strong profits year in and year out for the owners.  In my workshop, I will show the dealers how to take the information that Dave and Nicole will share, and offer simple ways to leverage that information into driving the dealership’s performance to a higher level.”

At the 2014 seminar, we introduced our first dedicated day of AP and GL training, which proved to be a big hit with our attendees. Lead AP/GL Trainer, Nicole Lindsey, plans to take her presentation to a new level and provide more tips on the overall ins and outs on Ideal’s Accounts Payable and General Ledger, and how it should be utilized in your business.

“I believe that certain aspects of the GL can be a telltale sign in regards to the system being used properly,” said Nicole. “Since the GL contains so much information, I think people are sometimes afraid to make a mistake. My goal is to help attendees to become more self-sufficient and confident in the ability to handle certain situations on their own.”

Seats are still available for Ideal’s Fall Training Seminar which takes place September 21-23 at The Hotel at Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids, IA.

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Dealership Profitability Expert Bob Clements will Speak at Ideal’s Fall Training Seminar



Ideal is pleased to announce that dealership expert Bob Clements will host a best practice session at our upcoming Ideal Software Training Seminar. The seminar will take place on Monday, September 21st through Wednesday, September 23rd at The Hotel at Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Bob is president of Bob Clements International (, the industry leader in helping OPE, Ag and Powersports dealerships improve profitability and efficiency. He will host a session on September 22nd that will cover key areas you need to be analyzing in your dealership and we’ll show you how to access and utilize the information in your Ideal software. As a profitability expert, Bob’s tailors his presentations to focus on proven ways for dealers to operate at a higher performance. Past attendees have felt that it’s a great compliment to the Ideal training you receive.

Jeff Shoemaker of Schultz Power Equipment in Beloit, WI, attended last year’s seminar and took away valuable information to apply at his dealership.

“Bob is one of the best speakers that I’ve heard in a long time,” said Jeff. “Everything he talks about is current day, and everything makes sense. He talks about different ways of doing business, what numbers you should be looking at, and what reports you should be running. I’m able to take this information right back to my Ideal system and pull out the report, look at it, and figure out if we’re doing the business the right way or if we need to look at things differently.”

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to improve your usage of the Ideal system and interact with dealers and industry experts. Ideal users from all over North America are signed up and there’s still a few more spots available. You may choose from our 2-day, or 3-day option which includes in-depth training on Ideal’s AP & GL modules.

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Ideal Mobile App Users: Please Read This Information Carefully!


We are excited to announce the release of updated Ideal Mobile App to the Android and iOS stores on Monday, July 20, 2015. This updated version contains a number of new features including live access to Ideal for your Service Technicians and ability to take payments on Work orders. Click here to get more information on Ideal Mobile App’s capabilities and benefits.

In anticipation of this release, we request you follow the below steps in sequence to ensure that the update happens correctly:

  1. If you are using an Android device, please change the settings on your Google Play store to stop Apps from automatically updating before July 19,2015. This is an important step and if missed will result in your Ideal Mobile App automatically updating and not compatible with your Ideal software. To change the settings, please click here
  2. When you are ready for the update, please call Ideal support to schedule Ideal software update for Mobile App. The update will be scheduled after July 20, 2015.
  3. Once your Ideal software is updated, please uninstall your existing Ideal Mobile App and install it from the App store

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