Management Team

Sean Raynor
General ManagerSean Raynor

As General Manager, Sean Raynor is responsible for ensuring that Ideal continues to meet the needs of the dealer software market by overseeing all customer service, consulting services, sales, marketing and product development teams. He also serves as the General Manager for Ideal’s sister company, Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS). Prior to his current role, Sean led all activities at IDS related to sales and marketing, resulting in significant top line growth of the business and increasing the dealer customer base by more than 250% during this time.

Sean has also held an executive sales positions with Oracle, selling application software and database technologies and Network Associates where he specialized in firewall and encryption software to financial institutions.


Bill HallBill Hall
Director of Professional Services

Bill has served as Ideal’s Director of Professional Services since 2008.  He’s responsible for overseeing the implementation of all sales deals, hardware support, and the price list department.

Prior to his current role, Bill began working for Ideal in 2006 as a customer support representative where he was responsible for troubleshooting hardware and software issues.  He credits his nearly 10 years of hands-on experience at Ideal for helping him learn the ins and outs of the industries Ideal serves in order to provide customers with the best solutions for their business.


Greg CarradusGreg Carradus
Director of Sales

Greg has served as Ideal’s Director of Sales for the last 15 years with his focus placed on growing the company’s customer base across North America. Greg has also served in the same capacity for Ideal’s sister company, Integrated Dealer Systems, for the past three years.

Greg started his career in a dealership.  During that tenure, he learned the operational processes and work flows that affected the overall dynamics of a successful dealership.  Now, with 20 years of experience in Dealership Management Software, Greg’s greatest rewards continue to be the knowledge that the products and services his teams have sold, have positively impacted our customers and their businesses.


Kurt MeyerKurt Meyer
Director of Research & Development

Kurt is our longest-tenured employee that’s part of the management team.  He joined Ideal Computer Systems in 1988 as an intern and has played a vital role in Ideal’s programming department ever since.  He was named R&D manager in 2010 where he’s in charge of managing the development team and the core software releases and initiatives.  He also designs and implements solutions and provides domain expertise.

Kurt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a minor in Business Management from The University of Iowa.


Mario Britz
Director of Product Management

Mario BritzAs Director of Product Management, Mario is responsible for the leadership and direction of all of our Dealership Group products which includes Ideal Computer Systems as well as its sister companies, Integrated Dealer Systems and Constellation Automotive Software.

Mario enjoys meeting customers across all the product lines. He believes his travel experience allows him to have meaningful conversations with customers on how we can improve their businesses. He then takes that information and collaborates with not just the Research and Development team, but all departments to help design and deliver innovative solutions.

Mario holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and has completed numerous courses on a variety of topics over the years. He is a lifelong learner and is currently working his way through a course offering Mobile Applications.


Kseniya Savelyeva
Marketing DirectorKseniya Savelyeva

Kseniya Savelyeva oversees the marketing team by coming up with strategic plans for lead generation as well as developing new initiatives for Ideal Computer Systems, as well as its sister companies, Integrated Dealer Systems and Constellation Automotive Software.

Kseniya is passionate about digital marketing, branding and customer communications. Before joining the Ideal family, Kseniya had 10+ years of experience developing and implementing integrated strategic marketing plans in a software industry. She worked in a similar position as a Marketing Director at Panorama Software, where she was responsible for all aspects of marketing.

Kseniya has a Bachelor in Business Administration & Management and a Post-secondary Degree in Business Marketing Analysis.


Ajay ThakurAjay Thakur
Director of Innovations

Ajay serves as Ideal’s Director of Innovations and his primary focus is to work with customers and partners to come up with innovative ideas and develop solutions to help dealers grow and become more profitable.

In addition to his role at Ideal, Ajay has worked for Constellation Dealership Software and Ideal’s sister company, Integrated Dealer Systems, since 2010.  His tenure has provided him with extensive experience in technology consulting for various industries.

Ajay holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Toronto.