07 Jun
Everything Dealership Owner or Manager Should Know About Tracking Metrics
Tracking your key metrics the right way

If youโ€™ve been running a dealership for at least a few years โ€“ either as an owner or a general manager โ€“ you know that keeping track of various metrics is a must for anyone who wants their business to remain successful. But, keeping track of metrics is not enough. For maximum profitability and efficiency, you should be able to definitively answer the following: What is a metric, exactly? Which […]

29 Mar
Lakes Area Powersports Uses Ideal Software to Become a โ€œBetter Businessโ€

Weโ€™re pleased to announce that Lakes Area Powersports, a dealership in Walker, Minnesota, owned by Doug and Mary Jo Wolter, was able to use the Ideal powersports software to help each department generate more profits and deliver better customer service. โ€œWe predict continued growth as we keep looking for ways to increase revenue and better serve our customers,โ€ said Mary Jo. โ€œUsing the Ideal system is going to help get […]

14 Nov
Special Thanks to Everyone Who Joined the 2017 Ideal Training Seminar: Check Out the Photos!

Weโ€™d like to thank everyone who attended our 4-day Training Seminar in Cedar Rapids this year. Weโ€™ve had 68 customers join us from across 22 states and provinces, and itโ€™s been a lot of fun having you all here!   Check out our photos of the event: Special Thanks to All the Presenters Weโ€™d like to thank our guest speaker Bob Clements for his incredible presentation, along with the following […]

28 Jul
Is your computer too slow? Hereโ€™s how to fix that

Like all machines, computers are known to malfunction. So, if your computer is experiencing inexplicable slowdowns, periodic stalls, unexpected shutdowns, system crashes or similar issues, then thereโ€™s likely something wrong with it. Here are some of the reasons why your computer may be having these problems: You have not downloaded all the important Windows Updates You have too many excessive or corrupt temporary files on your hard drive You haven’t […]

18 May
Speed Up Your Point of Sale with Electronic Signature Pads and Bar Code Scanners

Do you want to get your customers in and out of your store faster and increase their satisfaction? There are a couple of things you can add to your Ideal system to improve the speed and efficiency of your point of sale: electronic signature pads and bar code scanners.   Electronic Signature Pads Electronic signature pads allow your customers to electronically sign a Sales Order, Work Order, Invoice and every […]

17 Apr
Measuring the Right Metrics in Your Parts Department

Key Metrics to Track โ€‹Itโ€™s no secret that the better you are at managing key metrics in your dealership, the more efficient and profitable you will be.ย  When preparing for your busy season, one area youโ€™ll want to analyze and develop key metrics for is your parts department. โ€‹Having the right parts and quantities in stock, the right people in place to sell parts effectively, and boosting the value of […]

17 Apr
How to Stay Busy and Remain Profitable During Off-Season

1.ย Encourage customers to have their equipment serviced now. Compile a list of customers who have purchased units from you during the previous season and create mail merges in your Dealer Management System inviting them to have their equipment serviced.   โ€œI sent out 3,500 letters to customers that bought equipment from me in the last seven years. I used Idealโ€™s mail merge to create the letter and the list. The […]

13 Apr
5 Ways to Generate Significant Profits in Your Service Department

Increasing Profits in Your Service Department Now that youโ€™ve made the commitment to โ€œwowingโ€ your customers with ways to improve their initial impression and overall customer experience, itโ€™s time to start making some serious profits on what keeps your customers coming back to your business in the first place, and thatโ€™s your service department. Download the full guide >> 1. Bump up price margins on parts that get applied to […]

13 Apr
4 Tips to Make Your Service Employees More Efficient & Profitable

Get More Out of Your Techs โ€‹Since your service employees hold so much value in the overall success of your business, itโ€™s important that they operate at a high level of performance. โ€‹With the help of dealership expert Bob Clements, here are 4 tips for keeping your employees more efficient and profitable. Download the full guide >> 1. Anyone in your dealership should be able to answer questions We all […]

13 Apr
7 Dealer-Proven ways to Create the Best Customer Experience

โ€œWowโ€ Customers into Doing Business with You As a dealer who has increased competition with the growing trend of Internet, creating the best possible experience has never been more important.ย  Here are 7 proven ways to create the best customer experience and breed customer loyalty into your dealership. Download the full guide >> 1.ย Maintain a clean and organized dealership We all know that first impressions can mean everything. Thatโ€™s why […]