<strong>Three Projects You Can Complete in One Afternoon to <u>Maximize Your Busy Season Earnings</u></strong>

It’s the most wonderful time of year for dealers – and we’re not talking about Christmas. Get ready to unwrap the gift of increased revenue this busy season with the help of Sara Hey of Bob Clements International.

In this webinar, Sara will walk you through three incredible projects that can skyrocket your revenue and ensure your dealership's success all year long. Better yet, you can accomplish these projects in just one afternoon.

Here’s what you can expect:
• Discover how to set up your labor rate correctly for the busy season.
• Find out how to update your pricing for parts and service, so you can increase profits and stay competitive.
• Learn how to set up a preferred customer program that allows you to hold margins and retain customers.

Sara Hey

Vice President of Business Development @ Bob Clements International

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