08 Aug
A Detailed Look into Key Service Department Positions
Featured Service Department Positions

Dunlop Lawn and Garden in Dubois, PA, delivers tractors between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm, going above and beyond what their local big-box store would ever do. This forward-thinking business, which grew six times its size in 10 years, is an example of a trend among dealers today, who are differentiating themselves based on service. And a great service department depends on having the right people in […]

27 May
5 Ways to Achieve a Good Work-Life Balance as a Business Owner
Work-life Balance Featured

A dealership business never sleeps, so creating work-life balance for owners is not easy. While others are attending their kidsโ€™ soccer games, a dealership owner is at work. According to recent research, when retailers are asked what they wish was easier in their business, 63% say “balancing work and home life.” But โ€“ entrepreneurs, including those in OPE, Agriculture and Powersports, have their family and their employees relying on them. […]

18 Apr
4 Ways to Boost the Profitability of Your Parts Department

The idea of growing their parts department is appealing to many dealers, but in practice, it can be tough to execute. Why? The people who are in your department, the ones who are so knowledgeable about parts, may be less savvy when it comes to sales and customer service. So, a technically-proficient parts department is not necessarily a growing one. Here are some experience- and research-backed tips on how to […]

04 Feb
Are You Measuring These Key Drivers in Your Inventory?
Are You Measuring These Key Drivers in Your Inventory

While most dealers see the value in tracking inventory, other pressing needs, such as employee or cash-flow concerns can get in the way. But tracking metrics, including key drivers in inventory, effectively paves the way towards a company’s profitability and longevity in the marketplace. Author and speaker Stephen Covey said, โ€œThe key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.โ€ With that in mind, we […]

18 Dec
7 Dealer-Proven Ways to Deliver the Best Customer Experience
7 Dealer-Proven Ways to Deliver the Best Customer Experience

When virtually everything is available online, how can a retailer or a dealer like you continue to do business locally? Well, you have to change with the times โ€“ or risk being left behind. We are now seeing dealers across the country not just surviving but thriving by providing the best customer experience possible. Are you just offering shelves of products? In that case, todayโ€™s busy consumer will go somewhere […]

19 Nov
Are You Measuring These Key Metrics in Your Dealership?
Are You Measuring These Key Metrics in Your Dealership?

Businesses are all about numbers. However, that doesnโ€™t mean that looking at numbers makes you a good business person. Thatโ€™s because numbers arenโ€™t always metrics and metrics arenโ€™t always numbers! Hereโ€™s an example โ€“ you notice that your year-to-date recovery rate is at 90%. Itโ€™s a relatively high number, so all must be great, right? Maybe notโ€ฆ Look at your recovery rate for the same period of time last year […]

01 Aug
Is Your Dealership Changing with the Times?

As the world continues to embrace digital technologies, businesses must do the same โ€“ or risk fading into obscurity. One of the most obvious examples of this is the rise of eCommerce. According to BigCommerce, 96% of Americans have made an online purchase in their life; 80% in the past month alone. In the meantime, UPSโ€™ study from 2016 shows that 4 in 10 purchases in the US are made […]

17 Jul
How to Set Your Dealership Apart from Your Competition
How to Set Your Dealership Apart from Your Competition

Competition in business is inescapable, and more often than not, necessary. It forces companies to constantly evolve, so that they can maintain their customer base and profitability. Of course, competition can also easily cripple or outright kill a business, if itโ€™s not careful. So, thereโ€™s certainly a risk associated with competition. For most power equipment, powersports and marine dealers, their biggest competitors arenโ€™t other dealers. Instead, they typically have to […]

27 Jun
4 Ways to Avoid a Professional Meltdown as a Dealership Owner
4 Ways to Avoid a Professional Meltdown as a Dealership Owner

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar โ€“ youโ€™ve worked the past 10 days in a row. The last day you had off wasnโ€™t really a day off because you spent it running errands for your dealership, which included taking business calls and checking email from home. As a result, youโ€™re cranky and you canโ€™t seem to think clearly or creatively anymore. We know how hard it is to take […]

20 Jun
5 Ways to Avoid Burnout in Your Dealership
Let Your Employees Feel Heard

True or false โ€“ to build a great team, all you need to do is fill it with top performers who align with your dealershipโ€™s values. The correct answer is โ€œfalse.โ€ Having the right people is a great start, but itโ€™s not enough. You also have to give them a feeling of belonging, so that they donโ€™t burn out and leave. According to a workforce study conducted in 2017, burnout […]