03 Feb
Saving Money with Strategic Inventory Management

Any outdoor power equipment dealer knows that when it comes to making a profit, inventory management is vital. And in a down economy it becomes even more important. By strategically managing your inventory, however, you can make a big difference in your bottom line. During the slow time of year, your parts inventory should only be 20% of what your inventory was at peak of the season. For instance, if […]

15 Jan
How to Do Research the Fast and Easy Way

“The more information you have, the more creative you can be”… “There’s no such thing as too much information. It leads to more ideas, more relevant ideas, more selling concepts, and a more persuasive selling message”… “You must— repeat, must—use research to stay ahead of the curve”… “For research to be outstanding, it’s got to be usable. And not just to the research people, but the entire company”… “It’s time […]

17 Dec
How to Boost the Profitability of Your Parts Department

Is your parts department as profitable as it can be? Or is profitability only a secondary consideration? For many Powersports dealers, their primary objective is to have in stock, for immediate delivery, just about every part a customer is ever likely to ask for—even if it’s only suitable for equipment that’s decades old and obsolete. So their dealer parts list software is loaded with parts that very few or no […]

07 Dec
Ideal now has F & I!

You’ve asked for it and now it’s here! After months of development and research, Ideal Computer Systems is pleased to announce the release of its NEW and fully-integrated F & I (Finance & Insurance) module in Ideal for Windows! With Ideal’s new F & I package, you’ll be able to: Increase unit sales by an average of 10-15% with all the in-house options you can provide and work into a […]

20 Nov
5 Ways To Increase Sales With Your Dealer Management Software

With the economy on shaky ground rounding out 2009, every business owner across the country is trying to do two things right now: increase sales and decrease expenses. Those two are pretty much the keystones for staying afloat in a downturn.  But, how do you do it? It can be tempting to hire a business coach or productivity expert to help you figure it out, but you really don’t need […]

18 Nov
How to Sell More to Your Current Customers

Sure, it’s vitally important to constantly attract new customers—before your competitors do. But don’t ignore your current customers or take them for granted. It’s far easier and less expensive to sell more items, more often, to people who know you, than to attract and sell even once to strangers. And when you make use of some of the features of dealer management software, the process of getting repeat sales can […]

18 Nov
4 Free Ways To Advertise and Grow Your Business

Although the economy is slowly struggling back to its feet, there are plenty of businesses that are still hurting pretty bad. Which means that finding money for advertising might be out of reach for many business owners right now. The old adage holds true, however: it’s when times are tough that you really need to advertise. But, that’s exactly when you don’t have the money to do it. So, what […]

18 Nov
How To Get the Most Out of Networking Groups

When it comes to networking, many business owners groan. They immediately picture “schmoozing” their way through Chamber of Commerce meet-and-greets, making small talk while they hand out business cards. Yikes. Although networking can be a chore if you’re pressed for time, it’s also an incredible way to garner new clients and increase business. If you do it right, that is. Want to start getting the most out of your networking […]

16 Nov
How Powersports Software Can Help You Save Time and Money

The rapidly growing popularity of powersports in recent times, especially in Europe and North America, has captivated the imagination around the world. This is good news for powersports dealers who depend on this trend for business, but more business means nothing for an entrepreneur who cannot manage the workflow, which is where powersports software comes in to give your business the flexibility to expand with demand. Since the main expenditure […]