17 Apr
How to Stay Busy and Remain Profitable During Off-Season

1. Encourage customers to have their equipment serviced now. Compile a list of customers who have purchased units from you during the previous season and create mail merges in your Dealer Management System inviting them to have their equipment serviced.   “I sent out 3,500 letters to customers that bought equipment from me in the last seven years. I used Ideal’s mail merge to create the letter and the list. The […]

13 Apr
5 Ways to Generate Significant Profits in Your Service Department

Increasing Profits in Your Service Department Now that you’ve made the commitment to “wowing” your customers with ways to improve their initial impression and overall customer experience, it’s time to start making some serious profits on what keeps your customers coming back to your business in the first place, and that’s your service department. Download the full guide >> 1. Bump up price margins on parts that get applied to […]

13 Apr
4 Tips to Make Your Service Employees More Efficient & Profitable

Get More Out of Your Techs ​Since your service employees hold so much value in the overall success of your business, it’s important that they operate at a high level of performance. ​With the help of dealership expert Bob Clements, here are 4 tips for keeping your employees more efficient and profitable. Download the full guide >> 1. Anyone in your dealership should be able to answer questions We all […]

13 Apr
7 Dealer-Proven ways to Create the Best Customer Experience

“Wow” Customers into Doing Business with You As a dealer who has increased competition with the growing trend of Internet, creating the best possible experience has never been more important.  Here are 7 proven ways to create the best customer experience and breed customer loyalty into your dealership. Download the full guide >> 1. Maintain a clean and organized dealership We all know that first impressions can mean everything. That’s why […]

13 Apr
Creating Metrics in Your Service Department
Creating Metrics in Your Service Department

Key Metrics to Track Everything in business revolves around numbers and each department in your business is unique with what numbers you measure. One department dealers tend to struggle with getting the most profitability out of is their service department. Dealers tend to look at profitability in service as the measurement of dollars being sold which, in reality, isn’t the case. Dealership expert Bob Clements defines profitability in service as […]

26 Mar
Get the Most Out of Your Ideal Software

Did you know that many of our dealerships use only 20%-40% of the Ideal software’s potential, leaving valuable dollars on the table?   Are you one of them? If you are, then invite us to come onsite and provide you with additional training and consultation on how to use the software to its full potential. It is best to have us come over when you’re busy, so that we can […]

22 Mar
How to Create “Golden Tickets”: Support Requests That Get Resolved 40%-60% Faster

At Ideal, we are always striving to resolve your support requests faster. In that pursuit, we did an analysis of the type of information we get when a support request is logged. Here are the top 3 ticket descriptions we get: Call Me (no other details) Problem with …x… call me (no other details) Something is going wrong and we need help (no other details) We can most certainly call […]

02 Mar
Postseason Guide to Evaluating Your Departments

Reviewing Dealership Performance ​Once your busy season winds down and you find a little time to breathe, it’s time to start reviewing several key metrics and processes in your dealership. ​With the help of dealership expert Bob Clements, we’ve come up with an effective plan to evaluate your departments during your postseason. ​A good dealer management system can be your best employee when it comes to this aspect of your […]

02 Mar
Postseason Guide to Evaluating Your People

How did I do? Your employees are the highest cost you have in your business so once your busy season starts to slow down, you’re going to want to take a look at your entire staff and evaluate each individual performance. Whether it’s a service, parts, or sales manager, evaluate how they did and if they are the right person to take you into next year. With the help of […]

15 Feb
Best Practices for Effective Inventory Counting

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you view your inventory as a love-hate relationship. You love the fact that the merchandise you carry makes you money, but hate the fact it’s something you constantly have to monitor. Let’s face it, you have other things in your business to focus on, and quite frankly would rather spend time on. So it tends to be one of the first things […]