13 Apr
Creating Metrics in Your Service Department
Creating Metrics in Your Service Department

Key Metrics to Track Everything in business revolves around numbers and each department in your business is unique with what numbers you measure. One department dealers tend to struggle with getting the most profitability out of is their service department. Dealers tend to look at profitability in service as the measurement of dollars being sold which, in reality, isnโ€™t the case. Dealership expert Bob Clements defines profitability in service as […]

26 Mar
Get the Most Out of Your Ideal Software

Did you know that many of our dealerships use only 20%-40% of the Ideal softwareโ€™s potential, leaving valuable dollars on the table?   Are you one of them? If you are, then invite us to come onsite and provide you with additional training and consultation on how to use the software to its full potential. It is best to have us come over when youโ€™re busy, so that we can […]

22 Mar
How to Create โ€œGolden Ticketsโ€: Support Requests That Get Resolved 40%-60% Faster

At Ideal, we are always striving to resolve your support requests faster. In that pursuit, we did an analysis of the type of information we get when a support request is logged. Here are the top 3 ticket descriptions we get: Call Me (no other details) Problem with โ€ฆx… call me (no other details) Something is going wrong and we need help (no other details) We can most certainly call […]

02 Mar
Postseason Guide to Evaluating Your Departments

Reviewing Dealership Performance โ€‹Once your busy season winds down and you find a little time to breathe, itโ€™s time to start reviewing several key metrics and processes in your dealership. โ€‹With the help of dealership expert Bob Clements, weโ€™ve come up with an effective plan to evaluate your departments during your postseason. โ€‹A good dealer management system can be your best employee when it comes to this aspect of your […]

02 Mar
Postseason Guide to Evaluating Your People

How did I do? Your employees are the highest cost you have in your business so once your busy season starts to slow down, youโ€™re going to want to take a look at your entire staff and evaluate each individual performance. Whether itโ€™s a service, parts, or sales manager, evaluate how they did and if they are the right person to take you into next year. With the help of […]

15 Feb
Best Practices for Effective Inventory Counting

If youโ€™re reading this, thereโ€™s a good chance you view your inventory as a love-hate relationship. You love the fact that the merchandise you carry makes you money, but hate the fact itโ€™s something you constantly have to monitor. Letโ€™s face it, you have other things in your business to focus on, and quite frankly would rather spend time on. So it tends to be one of the first things […]

15 Feb
How to Establish Inventory Goals That Work
How to Establish Inventory Goals That Work

My inventory is organized and counted. What now? Once youโ€™ve accurately counted and organized your inventory, itโ€™s essential to set inventory goals to make sure itย never ends up in poor state again. Jeff Sheets, who has provided dealership consulting as a member of Bob Clements International, explains how to do just that in this guide. Download Full Guide >>ย  Put your Parts Manager in charge Weโ€™ve mentioned before that keeping […]

15 Feb
Get Rid of Dead Inventory and Organize for Profitability

Your inventory count is doneโ€ฆNow what? Once youโ€™ve conquered the daunting task of counting inventory, itโ€™s time to decide how to make your merchandise more profitable. With help from Jon Schreibfeder, president of Effective Inventory Management, Inc., and Jeff Sheets, independent dealership consultant, weโ€™ll show you how to get rid of obsolete items, add new stock and organize your inventory in a way that will improve your cash flow. Download […]

06 Jan
Interview with OPE Magazine

1) What is trending when it comes to business management software systems for the OPE industry, and what factors are driving these trends? Mobile Technology Iโ€™d say mobile technology continues to become more and more a part of our everyday world and weโ€™ve spent a lot of time incorporating this technology into our product. Service and parts personnel can now perform key tasks from anywhere in the dealership. Dealers are […]

19 Sep
Attention Mobile Users: Important Information About Updating Your App

We strongly advise you to hold off on updating your Android and iOS devices to Android 7 โ€“ Nougat and iOS 10 respectively. Both Android 7 and iOS 10 are currently available as a Beta version and are not supported by the Ideal Mobile App. We plan to update the Ideal Mobile App to support the new Android and iOS platforms soon and we will send out a communication an […]