Manufacturer Price Lists for Dealers

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OPE & Tractor Price Lists

A and I Products
Adrian Steel
Ag-Parts, LTDS
Agri-Fab (Dixie Sales)
Agri-Fab (Oscar Wilson)
Air-Flo Manufacturing
Allied (Can) Celtic Distributor)
American Chrome Company
American Yard Prod (Marr Bros)
American Yard Prod (Oscar Wilson)
American Yard Prod (Oscar Wilson)
American Yard Prod (PES Dist)
American Yard Products
American Yard Products (AES LawnParts)
American Yard Products (CPD)
American Yard Products (Engine Warehouse)
American Yard Products (RBI Dist)
American Yard Products(Can)
American Yard Products(Dixie Sales)
Arborist Supplies (RBI Corp)
Arctic Snowplows (Canada)
Ardisam (Midwest Turf & Irrigation)
Ardisam, Inc.
Ardism Inc. (Can) (Lotus Eq Sales, ltd.)
Ariens (Canada)
Ariens (WCS Dist)
Arrow Engine Company
Arrowhead Electric Products
B3C Fuel Solutions (CPD)
Bad Boy, Inc.
Bahco (Scotsco)
Bahco (WCS Dist)
Bahco Pruning Tools
Banta Saw
BCS (Bever Valley Supply)
BCS (Canada)
BCS (Earth Tools) (Canada)
BCS (Lucky Dist)
BCS (Scotsco)
Bear Cat (Can)
Bear Cat (FOE)
Bear Cat (Golden Eagle)
Bear Cat (OED)
Big Dog
Big Dog (Hayward Distributing)
Big Dog (Oscar Wilson)
Billy Goat
Billy Goat (Balock Machinery)
Billy Goat (Can) (Arns Rquip)
Billy Goat (Can) Pro Pwr Dist.
Billy Goat (Florida Outdoor)
Billy Goat (Golden Eagle)
Billy Goat (Mdwst Equip Co.)
Billy Goat (OED)
Billy Goat (PED)
Billy Goat (Scotsco)
Billy Goat (Texas Outdoor Power)
Bishop Company
Blizzard Snow Plows
Blizzard Snow Plows (CAN) Barrett Corp.
Blue Bird
Blue Bird (Can) Celtic Dist
Blue Bird (Canada)
Blue Bird (Florida Outdoor)
Blue Bird (Golden Eagle)
Blue Bird (LL Johnson)
Blue Bird (Pace Distributing)
Blue Bird (Steven Willand)
Bobcat (Carswell Dist)
Bobcat (Hayward Dist.)
Bobcat (KPM)
Bobcat (Melroe)
Bobcat (Melroe) (Canada)
Bobcat (Willand)
Boss Products
Boss Products (Distributor)
Boss Products (Horizon Dist)
Boss Products (Mid-Michigan Snow)
Boss Products (Monroe Truck)
Bradley Mower
Bradley Mowers (Dist price)
Brakequip, LLC
Branson Tractors
Brennen Industries
Briggs & Strat Power Prod. (Mdwst En Wrhs)
Briggs & Strat Power Products
Briggs & Stratton
Briggs & Stratton (AES Lawnparts)
Briggs & Stratton (Atlantic Power)
Briggs & Stratton (Canada)
Briggs & Stratton (Central Pwr Systems)
Briggs & Stratton (Magneto)
Briggs & Stratton (Marr Brothers)
Briggs & Stratton (Mdwst En Wrhs)
Briggs & Stratton (Preferred Pwr)
Briggs & Stratton (RBI Corp)
Briggs & Stratton (Sedco)
Briggs and Stratton (Dixie Sales)
Briggs Power Prod. (Dixie Sales)
Briggs Power Products (Can Pwr Src.)
Briggs Pwr Prod (Preferred Power)
Briggs Pwr Prod (Sedco)
Brown Manufacturing
Brown Manufacturing (Pace)
Brown Products (GND)
Brown Products (MAC Equip)
Burns Industril Supply
Bush Hog
Carlisle Tire (Dixie Sales)
Carlisle Tire (Medart)
Carlisle Tire (RBI)
Carlton Saw (Central Power Sys)
Carlton Saw (CPD)
Classen (Golden Eagle)
Classen (LL Johnson)
Classen MFR
Classen MFR (Pace Dist)
Classen Mfr. (KPM)
Comet (Dixie Sales)
Comet Industries (RBI Corp)
Commercial Grounds (Willand)
Commercial Grounds Care (KPM DIST)
Commercial Grounds Corp (Oscar Wilson Dist)
Commercial Grounds Corp (Carswell)
Commercial Grounds Corp (Hayward)
Corona Clipper (Scotsco)
Corona Clipper (WCS Dist)
Cost Distribution – Marine (Canada)
Country Clipper (Conniff Sales Inc.)
Country Clipper (Kaye Corp)
Country Clipper (Marr Brothers)
Cub Cadet
Cub Cadet (Can) Atlas Dist.
Cub Cadet (Dixie Sales)
Cub Cadet (PES)
Curt Manufacturing
Curtis Industries, LLC
Dana Foote (Dixie Sales)
Dana/Foote (Oscar Wilson)
Dayco Products LLC
Dealers Choice (Sedco)
Delta Power Equipment Corp
Deweze (Division of Harper Industries)
Dingo (Division of Toro)
Dixie Chopper
Dixon Industries
Dixon Industries (Carswell Dist)
Dixon Industries (Engine Warehouse)
Dixon Industries (Hayward Dist)
Dixon Industries (Pace)
Dixon Industries (Pace) West Coast
Dixon Industries (Willand)
Do it Best Corp.
Dolmar (Atlantic Power)
Dolmar (Cntrl Pwr Sys)
Dolmar (Magneto)
Dolmar (Midwest Engine Warehouse)
Dolmar (Preferred Power)
DR Power Products
Eagle Compressors (Can)
Echo (FOE)
Echo (General Power Equip)
Echo (Midwest Equipment)
Echo (OED Dist)
Echo (Texas Outdoor Power Equip)
Echo/Shindaiwa (Jerry Pate Dist)
Echo/Shindaiwa (Canada)
Echo/Shindaiwa (Golden Eagle)
Echo/Shindaiwa (Lepco)
Edgewater Mower
EFCO Power (Smith South-Central)
Ego Power (Dixie Sales)
EHP (Mdwst Engine Warehouse)
Electrolux Home Products (RBI)
Encore (Live Oak)
ESF (Canada)
Excel (A & G Turf Equip)
Excel (Canada)
Excel (Carquest)
Excel (Power Trim)
Excel (Tidewater) Bronze level
Excel Hustler (Coates)
Excel Hustler (Cook’s Power)
Excel Hustler (PES Distrib)
Excel Hustler
Exmark (Blalock)
Exmark (Canada-Echo Dist)
Exmark (Lepco)
Exmark (Lucky Dist)
Exmark (Ness Turf Equip)
Exmark (Pwr Eq Dist)
Exmark (Robert’s Supply)
Ferris (Can) Theo Turgeon
Ferris (Canada)
Ferris (Outfitters)
Ferris (Pace Distributor)
Ferry Morse Seed Co
Fisher Plow (Dist)
Fisher Plows
Fisher Plows (Can)
FNA Group (Dixie Sales)
Fred Marvin Pruners
Gates (Atlantic Power)
Gates (CPD)
Gates (Gardner Connell)
Gates Belts (Mdwst Eng Warehouse)
Generac (Marr Brothers)
Generac Engines
Generac Power (Billious)
Generac Power (Gardner-Connell)
Generac Power (Midwest Turf & Irrigation)
Generac Power (Oscar Wilson)
Generac Power Systems (Dixie Sales)
Giant Vac
Grass Hopper
Gravely (Canada)
Gravely Atlas JSV Utility Vehicle
Gravely Treker
Great Dane
Great Dane (Carswell)
Handy Ace Hardware
Henderson Products
Herschel Adams
Hilti (Canada)
Hiniker Company
Homelite (AES Lawnparts)
Honda (A & G Turf Equip)
Honda (Engines Only)
Honda (Great North Dist)
Honda (Iowa Power Products)
Honda (OPE)
Honda (OPE) (Canada) Celtic Dist
Honda (OPE) (Hayward Dist)
Honda (OPE) (Tru-Powerl)
Honda (OPE) Oscar Wilson
Honda (OPE) Pace – West
Honda (OPE) Tidewater
Honda (Pace)
Honda (PECO Dist)
Honda (Roberts Supply)
Honda OPE (Canada)
Husqvarna (Canada)
Husqvarna (Forest & Garden)
Hydro Gear (AES Lawnparts)
Hydro Gear (Billious)
Hydro Gear (CPD)
Hydro Gear (Dixie Sales)
Hydro Gear (Gardner Connell)
Hydro Gear (Gardner’s)
Hydro Gear (Marr Brothers)
Hydro Gear (Oscar Wilson Dist)
Hydro Gear (PES)
Hydro Gear (RBI Corp)
Hydro Gear
Ingersoll (CPD)
Ingersoll Equipment
Jacto, Inc. acto, Inc.
Jason Industrial Inc.
John Deere
John Deere (Canada)
Johnsered (Willand)
Jonsered (Carswell Dist)
Jonsered (Hayward Dist)
Jonsered (Pace Dist)
Jonsered (PES)
Jungle Jim (Hayward)
Jungle Jim (RBI Dist)
K & M Manufacturing
Kaaz Corporation (Scotsco, Inc.)
Kawasaki (Ope)
Kawasaki (OPE) Canada
Kawasaki (RBI Dist)
Kawasaki Motors (Canada)
Kimball Midwest
Kioti Tractor
Kipor (Gardner’s Dist)
Kipor (Lucky)
Kipor (Steve Willand)
Kohler (A & G Turf)
Kohler (Canada Power Tech)
Kohler (Canada) (Yetman’s Dist)
Kohler (Central Power Dist)
Kohler (Diesel Only)
Kohler (Gardner’s) Dealer Price
Kohler (Gardner’s) Dist. Price
Kohler (H.G. Makelim Co.)
Kohler (Loftin Equipment)
Kohler (Marr Brothers)
Kohler (Medart)
Kohler (PES)
Kohler (RBI)
Kohler (Waukesha-Pearce)
Kohler Generators (Collicutt Dist)
Krone Na Inc.
Kubota (Canada)
Kubota Eng of America (Engine Power Source)
Kubota Eng of America’s (Loftin)
Kubota Engine of America’s
Kubota Engines (Southeastern Power)
Kuhn (Canada)
Kuhn (US)
Kuhn Knight
Kuny’s Leather Mfr (CAN)
Kuriyama of America
L & B Sales (Can)
Laser Sales (Can)
Laser Sales (Willand) (Available)
Lawn Boy-Profit with Performance
LCT (Canada Power Technologies)
LCT Engines (CPD)
Liquid Comb. Tech (Carswell)
Liquid Combution Technolory (Medart)
Little Wonder
Little Wonder (Carswell Dist)
Little Wonder (GND)
Little Wonder (Golden Eagle)Little Wonder (Hayward)Little Wonder (KPM)
Little Wonder (LL Johnson)
Little Wonder (Midwest Equip)
Little Wonder (Pace)
Little Wonder (Willand)
LS Tractor
Mahindra USA
Martin Wheel (CPD)
Martin Wheel (Medart)
Maruyama (Cook’s Power)
Maruyama (Oscar Wilson)
Maruyama (Robert’s Supply)
Maruyama (Scotsco)
Maruyama (Smith South Central)
Maruyama (Tru-Power)
Maruyama USA (Hawaii)
Massey Ferguson (Agco)
MAT Holdings, Inc. (Canada)
MCClane Manufacturing (PED)
McCulloch (CPD)
McCulloch (Dixie Sales)
McCulloch (Marr Brothers)
McLane Mfr (Robert’s Supply)
Melroe/Bobcat (GND)
Meyer Products
Meyer Products (Hayward Dist)
Miller Electric Mfg.
Monster Pwr Equip. (KPM)
MTD (AES Lawnparts)
MTD (Canada)
MTD (Canada) Atlas Dist
MTD (Dixie Sales)
MTD (Gardner Connell)
MTD (Marr Brothers)
MTD (Oscar Wilson) Dealer Pricing
MTD (Oscar Wilson) Dist Pricing
Murray (AES Lawnparts)
Murray (Canada) Power Source
Murray (Dixie Sales)
Murray (Magneto)
Murray (Midwest En Warehouse)
Murray (Oscar Wilson)
Murray (Preferred Pwr)
Murray (Sedco)
N2 Performance (Oscar Wilson)
N2 Performance (RBI)
National Liftgate Parts
New Holland
Ohio Steel Industries (CPD)
Onan (AES Lawnparts)
Onan (Dixie Sales)
Oregon (Bever Valley Supply)
Oregon (Forestry) (Canada Power Source)
Oregon (Forestry) Golden Eagle
Oregon (OEP) (Billious)
Oregon (OEP) (Canada Pwr Tech)
Oregon (OEP) (Eng Warehouse)
Oregon (OEP) (Medart)
Oregon (OEP) (PES)
Oregon (OEP) Can Theo Turgeon
Oregon (OEP) Central Power Systems
Oregon (OEP) Gardner Connell
Oregon (OEP) Midwest Eng Warehouse
Oregon (OEP) RBI Dist
Oregon (OEP) Scotsco
Oregon Forestry
Oregon Forestry (AES Lawnparts)
Oregon Forestry (Can Power Tech)
Oregon Forestry (Eng Warehouse)
Oregon Forestry (Gardner Connell)
Oregon Forestry (Gardner Dist)
Oregon Forestry (Magneto)
Oregon Forestry (Midwest Eng Warehouse)
Oregon Forestry (RBI)
Oregon Forestry (Scotsco)
Oregon Forestry (Smith South Central)
Oregon Forrestry (Medart Dist)
Oregon OEP (AES Lawnparts)
Oregon OEP (Oscar Wilson)
Oregon OEP (Power Src Canada)
Oregon OEP (Smith South Central)
Oregon OEP Dealer
Oregon OEP Dealer (Gardners)
Oregon OEP Dealer (Magneto)
Oregon OEP Distributor
Oregon PowerNow (Magneto)
Oregon(Forestry) (Menominee Ind Supply)
Oregon(OEP) (Menominee Ind Supply)
Orgill, Inc. (Available/Dealer Must Order)
PAI Industries (Crane Carrier)
Parker Sweeper(Gardner Connell)
Peerless (Can Pwr Tech)
Peerless (CPD)
Peerless (Gardner-Connell)
Peerless (Medart Inc.)
Peerless (Oscar Wilson)
Peerless (RBI Dist)
Peerless (RBI) Distributor Price
Phoenix Pully’s (Marr Brothers)
Pix Belts
PIX Belts (Medart Distributor)
Plugr Aerator (Gardner-Conell)
Poulan (AES Lawnparts)
Poulan (Billious)
Poulan (Canada)
Poulan (CPD)
Poulan (Dixie Sales)
Poulan (Engine Warehouse)
Poulan (Gardner Dist)
Poulan (Oscar Wilson)
Poulan (PES Dist)
Poulan (RBI)
Rack’Em (KPM Exceptional Dist)
Raisman Corp
Raisman Corp (Gardner’s)
Raven America
Red Max
Red Max (Carswell Dist)
Red Max (Engine Warehouse)
Red Max (Hayward Dist)
Red Max (LL Johnson)
Red Max (Midwest Turf)
Red Max (MTI-Dist)-Canada
Red Max (Pace)
Red Max (PES)
Red Max (Power Equip. Dist)
Red Max (Willand Distributor)
Reed Manufacturing
Riley Tractor Parts
Riverside Pump (RBI)
Robin America (Subaru)
Robin Outdoor Power (Carswell Dist.)
Robin Subaru (AES Lawncare)
Robin Subaru (Billious)
Robin Subaru (Canada)
Robin Subaru (Capitol Engine CO)
Robin Subaru (Marr Brothers)
Robin Subaru (Midwest Turf & Irrigation)
Robin Subaru (Oscar Wilson)
Rotary (Can) Vickers Marketing
Rotary (Carswell OEI)
Rotary (Dixie Sales)
Rotary (Glo Distributor)
Rotary (Kaye Corporation)
Ryan (Canada)
Ryan (Canada) (G.C. Duke Eqt)
Scag (Florida Outdoor Eq.)
Scag (Kpm Dist)
Scag (LL Johnson)
Scag (Midwest Equip Dist)
Scag (Pace)
Scag (Scotsco)
Scag (Texas Outdoor)
Scap (Power Tool Co.)
Schiller Grounds Care (SGC) (LL Johnson)
Shindaiwa (FOE)
Shindaiwa (General Power Equip)
Shindaiwa (Jerry Pate)
Shindaiwa (Midwest Equipment)
Shindaiwa (Outdoor Equip Dist)
Shindaiwa (Texas Outdoor Power Equip)
Silky Saws
Silky Saws (Dolphin Outdoor Pwr EQ)
Simplicity (Canada)
Snapper (A & I)
Snapper (Canada)
Snapper (Midwest Engine Warehouse)
Snapper (National)
Snapper Pro
Snapper Pro (Pace Dist)
Sno Ex (PED)-Pwr Equp Dist
Sno-Ex (Can) (Echo Can)
Sno-Way (KPM)
Sno-Way (Pace Dist)
Sno-Way International
Snow-Ex (Congdon Assoc)
Spears Manufacturing
Spyder Manufacturing
Stens (Can) Arns Equip LTD
Stens (Canada)
Stens (CPD)
Stens (Hayward Dist)
Stihl (A & G Turf Equip)
Stihl (Blue Mountain)
Stihl (Bryan Equip.)
Stihl (Canada)
Stihl (Crader)
Stihl (Intermountain)
Stihl (Mid Atlantic)
Stihl (Midwest)
Stihl (Miss. Valley)
Stihl (North East)
Stihl (Northwest)
Stihl (Pacific)
Stihl (Southeast)
Stihl (Southwest)
Sulky Mower
Sulky Mowers (Dist Price)
Swisher (Canada)
Swisher Mower & Machine Co
Tanaka (AES Lawn Parts)
Tanaka (Cook’s Dist)
Tanaka (CPD)
Tanaka (Gardner Connell)
Tanaka (Lucky Dist)
Tanaka (PECO)
Tanaka (RBI)
Tanaka (WCS Distributing)
Techtronic Industries
Tecumseh (Billious)
Tecumseh (Can) Can Pwr Tech
Tecumseh (Carswell OEI)
Tecumseh (CPD)
Tecumseh (Dixie Sales)
Tecumseh (Gardner-Connell)
Tecumseh (Marr Brothers)
Tecumseh (Medart)
Tecumseh (RBI)
Tecumseh (RBI) Distributor Pricing
Tecumseh (US) PES Dist.
Tecumseh-Order by Distributor
Teleflex Marine (Dealer)
Temco H-M Parts Co.
Textron (Order by Dist See CGC)
Thermoid Inc. (Carswell OEI)
Tillotson (AES Lawnparts)
Tillotson (Engine Warehouse)
Tillotson (Gardner)
Tillotson (Medart)
TMC Power Equipment
Tommy Gate Company (Dist Pricing)
Toro (AES Lawnparts)
Toro (CPD)
Toro (Ness Turf Equip.)
Toro Profit With Perfomance
Toro/Lawnboy (Canada) Turf Care
Toro/Wheel Horse
Toro/Wheel Horse (Canada)
Troy Bilt (Dixie Sales)
Tru Cut (Blalock)
Tru Cut (Scotsco-Hawaii)
Tru-Cut (Dealer)
Tru-Cut (Dist.)
TYM Tractor
Velke (Hayward Dist)
Vortexx (OED)
Vortexx Industries (Pace)
Walbro (AES Lawnparts)
Walbro (Billious)
Walbro (CPD)
Walbro (Dixie Sales)
Walbro (Gardner Connell)
Walbro (Gardners)
Walbro (Magneto)
Walbro (Medart)
Walbro (Midwst Eng Warehouse)
Walbro (PES)
Walbro (RBI)
Walker (A & D Dist)
Walker (A & G Turf Equip)
Walker (Can) Arn’s Dist
Walker (Can) DBH Dist
Walker (Canada) – Pro Power
Walker (Cantrell)
Walker (Coates Landscape Supply)
Walker (Emmett Equip)
Walker (GHS Corp)
Walker (Kurtzer’s LLC)
Walker (Lawn Equip Enterprise)
Walker (Mid America)
Walker (Midwest Specialty Sales)
Walker (Precision Works)
Walker (Pro Power-Mid South)
Walker (Secrist)
Walker (Trac Equip.)
Wallenstein (Can)
Waterland Supply Co., Inc.
Weaver Leather
Western Products (Can)
Western Products (Douglas Dynamics)
Winco Inc
Wisconsin Engines (AES Lawnparts)
Worldlawn (General Power Eqt)
Worldlawn (L.E.E. Inc.)
Worldlawn (PECO)
Worldlawn (Stull Equip Co)
Worldlawn Power Eqt
Worx (Central Pwr Systems)
Worx (Midwst Eng Warehouse)
Wright Manufacturing
Wright Manufacturing (Dist Price)
Wright Manufacturing (Hayward)
Wright Manufacturing (KPM)
Wright Manufacturing (LL Johnson)
Wright MFR (Can) Turf Tech
Wright MFR (Keen Edge)
Wright MFR (OED)
Wright Mfr (Pace)
Yabravo (Engine Warehouse)
Yamakoyo (Dist Pricing)
Yanmar (Cascade Engine Center)
Yazoo (Engine Warehouse)
Yazoo (FOE)
Ybravo (Pace)
Zama (AES Lawnparts)
Zama (CPD)
Zama (Dixie Sales)
Zama (Gardner Connell)
Zama (Gardners)
Zama (Magneto)
Zama (Medart)
Zama (Midwst Eng Warehouse)
Zama (PES)(Available)(Dealer Must Order)
Zama (RBI)

Powersports Price Lists

509, Inc.
American Sportworks(Manco)
Aprilia USA
Arctic Cat (Canada)
Arctic Cat (Dealer)
Arctic Cat (World of Powersports)
Auburn Leather
Automatic Dist.
Axo America, Inc
Bell Industries
BETA USA (Motorcycles)
Big Bike Parts
Big Dog (Caswell OEI)
Bikers Choice
BMW Cycle (Canada)
Bombardier (WOPS)
Bombardier ATV (Canada)
Bombardier Atv’s
Briggs Motorsports
Castle Sales
Caterpillar Corp (Marine)
Choko Design
Choko Design (Canada)
Commander Side By Side (Can)
Commander Side by Side (US)
Country Clipper (Boettcher Supply)
Custom Chrome
Cyco Gaskets
Dainese Gear (Can)
Daytona Helmet
Ducati (Canada)
Enduro Engeneering
Extreme Sports Divas LLC
Fox Racing
Fox Racing (Canada)
Fulmer Helmets
FXR Racing
FXR Racing (Canada)
Gamma Sales (Canada Only)
Gas Gas USA
Genuine Scooter Company
Guts Racing
Harley Davidson (World of Powersports)
Helmet House
Ho Sports Company
Honda (MC with Aqua Tracks)
Honda (Motorcycle Part #’S)
Honda M/C (World of Powersports)
Honda Motorcycle (Canada)
Husqvarna M/C
Husqvarna M/C (Canada)
Indian Motorcycle (Canada) Dealer Must provide)
Indian Motorcycle (Dealer Must provide)
Johnson Pump
K & N Filters
Kawasaki (Motors)
Kawasaki Motors (World/Powersports)
Kimpex (Canada)
Kimpex U.S.A. Ltd.
Klim (Canada)
Klim USA
KTM Sport M/C (Canada)
KTM Sport Motorcycles
Kuryakyn Holdings
Kymco (US)
Land N Sea (Canada)
Land N’ Sea
Leatt Corporation
Liquid Force Wakeboards
Lockhart Phillips, USA
Lorenz And Jones
Lowrance (Navico)
Marshall Distributing
Mercury (Boatswain’s Locker)
Midwest M/C
Morgan Recreational Supply
MotorFist (Canada)
MotorFist (US)
Motovan (Canada)
Mustang Motorcycle Products
MV Agusta Motorcycle
NHC Distributor
Northern Wholesale Supply
Ohlins USA
One Industries
Oxford Products USA, Inc.
Parts Unlimited
Parts Unlimited (Canada)
Parts Unlimited (WOPS)
Penske Shocks
Piaggio USA
Polaris (Canada)
Polaris (World of Pwrsprts)
REV’IT Sports U.S.A.
Rizoma USA
S & S Cycle, Inc
ScooterWorks USA
Scorpion Sports
Ski Doo (Canada)
Ski Doo Snowmobiles
Southern M/C
Spy Optic
Spyder Roadster (CAN)
Spyder Roadster(Div of Bombardier)
Steen Hansen’s
Steyr Motors
Sudco International
Sullivans, Inc.
Suzuki (Motorcycle)
Suzuki (World of Powersports)
Suzuki Motorcycle (Canada)
Technical Touch USA (KYB)
Torc Racing
Triumph Motorcycle (Canada)
Triumph Motorcycle LTD
Troy Lee Designs
Tucker Rocky
Tucker Rocky (WOPS)
Twisted Throttle
Vega Helmets
V-Twin MFG
Western Power Sports
Yamaha (Canada)
Yamaha (World of Powersports)

Marine Price Lists

Arco Marine
Arco Marine (Dist)
B & G Race Supplier (Navico)
CC Marine (Canada)
CDI Electronics (Dist)
CDI Electronics
Coast Distribution
CWB Board Company
Diversified Marine
Dometic (Marine-Air)
Dometic Sanitation
Donovan Marine, Inc.
Ellett Brothers (Marine)
Espar Heater Systems
E-ton (Crane Carrier Co)
Evinrude/Johnson (Can-Form OMC)
Evinrude/Johnson (Form OMC)
EZ Loader Boat Trailers
Fisheries Supply
FTZ Inc.
Furrion (Dist Pricing)
Gallery Marine
General Ecologu Group
Glendinning Marine Products
Global Anglers
HamiltonJet (Boatswain’s Locker)
Honda Marine (US)
HRO( Horizons Reverse Osmosis)
Hutchings Marine (Canada)
Indel Webasto Marine
K & L Supply
Kellogg Marine Supply (Div of LNS)
Kohler (Boatswain’s Locker)
L.A.Sleeve Co.
L.A.Sleeve Co. (Dist)
Lewis Marine
Lunasea Lighting (Dist Pricing)
Mallory Marine
Mallory Marine (Dist)
Marine Eq & Supply (MESCO)
Marine Products International
Marine Systems, Inc
Mastercraft Boat Co.
Maurice Sporting Goods
Medart Marine
Mercury (Canada)
Michigan Wheel Marine (Dist)
Michigan Wheel Marine
Moe’s Marine Service
NGK (Marine)
NGK (Marine) (Dist)
Northwest Trailer Parts
Pacer Wire
Parker HRO
PCM-Pleasurecraft Marine Engine
Perkins Marine
Pitman Creek Wholesale
Port Supply
Sea Doo
Sea Doo (Canada)
Sealand (Ardemco, Inc.)
Sealtech Corp
Sealtech Corp (Dist)
SeaStar Solutions
Seaward Products
Sierra Marine (Dealer)
Sierra Marine (Distributor Price)
Simrad Yachting (Navico)
Star brite (Marine)
Suzuki (Marine)
Suzuki Marine (Canada)
Svendsen Boat Works
Teleflex Marine (Distributor Price)
Thetford Marine
Twin Disc. Inc.
US Distributing
Vetus America
Vitrifrigo America, LLC
Volvo Penta
Volvo Penta (Canada)
Westerbeke (TDC Equip)
Westerbeke Corp (Gallery Marine Srv)
Whale-Seaward Inc.
Wiseco Performance Prod
Wiseco Performance Prod (Dist)
Yamaha (also listed Under Powersports)
Yanmar (Boatswain’s Locker)

Auto & Truck Price Lists

AKMI Corp (Crane Carrier)
Bendix (Crane Carrier Co)
Carlisle Tire
Donovan-Shur Co. LLC
Firestone Air (Crane Carrier)
Fondy Auto Electric(Avaiable)
Fragola Industries
Fuller Tansmission (Crane Carrier Co)
Gallagher Tire, Inc.
Hendrickson (Crane Carrier)
Horton (Crane Carrier)
Mahle Clevite
Monroe shocks (Crane Carrier)
National Seals (Crane Carrier)
National Spencer, Inc.
Red Neck Trailer Supplies
Robert Thibert
Rockwell American (Crane Carrier)
Spicer (Crane Carrier)
Sunbelt/Division of John Deere
Tectran (Crane Carrier)
Transmission Tech (Crane Carrier)
Truckraft Quality Parts (Crane Carrier)
Walker Exhaust (Crane Carrier)
Western Products

Hardware Price Lists

Adaptall, Inc
DeVilbiss Air Power Co.
Dixon Valve & Coupling
Fastening Specialists, Inc.
Ford Meter Box CO., Inc.
G. Hjukstrom (Can)
Hilti USA
House-Hasson Hardware Co.
Legand Valve
PT Coupling Company

Tools Price Lists

Black & Decker
Campbell Hausfeld
Carlton Saw
Century Drill & Tool Co.
De Walt
Delta Machinery
Fein Power Tools
Genius Tools International
Graco Inc.
GrowTech, Inc.
Jet Equipment
Klein Tools
Kraft Tool Company
Michigan Industrial Tool
Northern Tool & Equip (Great Plains)
One World Technologies
Ridgid Tools
S-B Power Tool Corp.(Bosch)
Stanley Fasteners (US)

Pool & Spa Price Lists

Bay State Pool Keller Supply Company

Hearth & Home Price Lists

American Metal Prod (UBG)
American Metal Products
Bernard Dalsin Mfg
Big Green Egg
Big Green Egg (Northern Plains Distributing)
Big Green Egg (Tarantin Ind.)
Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnaces
CFM Specialties (Vermont Casting)
Copperfield Chimney Supply
Delta Heat (Canada) (Concorde Dist)
Duravent (Concorde Dist-Can)
Empire Distributing
Enviro (Canada) (Concorde Dist)
Fireplace Products Int’l
Fireplace Xtrordinair
Harman Stove Company
Hearthstone Stoves
Heat-Fab, Inc.
HY-C Company
Jotul North America
Kozy Heat Fireplaces
Lindemann Chimney Supply
Lopi Stoves
Majestic (Can) Concorde Dist
Morso Wood Stoves
Olympia Chimney Supply
Pacific Energy Fireplace Products
Stellar Hearth Prod. (Canada) (Concorde Dist)
Supreme Fireplace (Canada) (Concorde Dist)
Town & Country Fireplaces
Travis Industries (Avalon)
Twin Eagles (Canada) (Concorde Dist)
Valor USA

Trailer Price Lists

Cequent Perfomance Products
ProPull Trailers
Rigid Hitch
Stag Parkway

Golf & Industrial Vehicles Price Lists

Club Car
EZGO (Dixie Sales)
M & M Vehicle, Corp
MadJax Golf Cart Acc
Nivel Parts & Mfr Co, LLC
Red Hawk, LLC
Schauer Battery Charger Company
Stenten’s Golf Car Accessories
Stretch Plastics

Misc Price Lists

All Gear, Inc.
American Rod & Gun
Atlas Gloves (Magneto Power)
Barens, Inc
BE Pressure Supply Inc.
Bear Archery (Hudalla Associates)
Big K Brand Clothing (Canada)
Buckingham MFR
Buckingham MFR (Bradley Electro)
Buyers Products Co.
Cajun Bowfishing (Hudalla Associates)
Carolina Shoe Company
Cobra Wire
Cummins, Inc.
Detroit Diesel Corp.
Dicke Safety Products
Ewing Irrigation
Forney Industries
Gateway Safety
Gorman-Rupp Pumps
Great Plains Model Dist
Hall’s Safety Equipment Corp.
Hillman Group
Husqvarna Construction
Jain Irrigation (form API)
Jameson LLC
Jenny Products, Inc.
Jerry’s Sport Center (Div of United Sporting Co)
Karcher (Dixie Sales)
Kershaw Knives (Magneto Power)
Kinsey’s Archery Products
Lake Company
Lincoln Electric
Nelson Irrigation
Noble Wire & Terminal
Northern Safety & Industrial
Northwest Hydra-Line
Pacific Agricultural Sales & Service
Pape’s Inc.
Petzl Corporation
Primo Grills and Smokers
Putzmeister America, Inc.
Radians, Inc
Reelcraft Industries
Southern Valve & Fitting USA, Inc.
Suncrest Nurseries
Trophy Ridge (Hudalla Associates)
Weber Grills
WesSpur Tree Equip.
Wurth USA