Ideal vs. Your Current ERP Software Solution

Is your current ERP software solution well-suited for managing the outdoor power equipment (OPE) division of your hardware business?
See how it may compare to a more OPE-dedicated solution, such as Ideal, that you can use in addition to your current solution.


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OPE-Friendly Features



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Automatic Parts Entry & Updates
Preloads and updates OPE manufacturers’ price files, providing details like:

  • Part numbers
  • Part descriptions
  • Superseded part numbers
  • Advanced pricing matrixes
  • Related parts cross-referencing
  • Parts look-up integration

Does NOT preload or update OPE manufacturers’ price files, leaving it up to the user to manually enter or account for any details.

OPE Manufacturer Integrations
Streamlines the intensive ordering process by seamlessly integrating with OPE suppliers like:

  • Stihl
  • Toro
  • Cub Cadet
  • Husqvarna
  • Central Power
  • And many others
Does NOT integrate with any of the OPE suppliers, leaving everything up to manual entry by the user.
Purchase Order Creation
Automatically generates and/or fills:

  • OPE purchase orders
  • Stocking levels
  • Customer special orders/status
  • Service special orders/status
  • Bar codes
Does NOT streamline purchase order creation, resulting in manual entry, errors and lost time.
Cross-Selling, Upselling & Kits
Allows OPE businesses to easily:

  • Cross-sell parts
  • Sell related parts
  • Create part kits



Does NOT provide an easy way to boost part sales, leading to lower profits.

Shop Management & Service Scheduling

Provides full control of the Service Department, including the ability to:

  • Create & manage service & technician schedules
  • View work order statuses & history
  • Identify customer & job types
  • Reconcile & process warranty claims
  • Assign flat rates
Does NOT provide full control of the Service Department, leading to chaos and inefficiencies.
Tech Efficiency Tracking

Helps improve tech labor efficiency by tracking:

  • Job completion rates
  • Hours worked vs. billed
  • Recovery rates
Does NOT allow to monitor labor efficiency in any way, resulting in lower profitability.
Report Generation & Customization

Allows to pull up and customize a variety of OPE-specific reports on:

  • Overall OPE divisional performance
  • Parts sales & profitability
  • Unit sales & profitability
  • Service sales & profitability
  • Inventory control
  • Operational efficiencies
Does NOT allow to pull up or customize any OPE-specific reports, leaving users with no specific data or key industry metrics to effectively manage their business.
OPE-Oriented Mobile App
Provides the ability to perform most parts- and service-related tasks on a tablet, including work order creation. Does NOT allow to perform any parts- or service-related tasks on a tablet.
Updates Based on OPE Feedback
Gives OPE businesses the opportunity to voice their feedback and then have it implemented through future updates. Does NOT provide updates based on the feedback of OPE businesses.

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