How a 10 Location OPE dealership is able to sell off aging inventory and improve ordering

Justin Mynatt, Manager- Tennessee

Inventory management can be a slippery slope especially when you own multiple dealerships. Imagine navigating this across 10 dealerships! Dickens Turf and Landscape found a way to keep track of their stock levels, ordering parts, and supply chain to help them make inventory decisions in real time saving them thousands in what could be lost inventory.

Check out their story in the video below!

What was the biggest challenge your dealership faced before using Ideal?

Justin: Before we had Ideal, some of the biggest things was inventory management. We had parts that we had way too many of certain things that we never sell, not enough of what we do sell. Since we have Ideal, we’re able to actually keep real stats on what we need to have.

What feature does your dealership use most in Ideal?

Justin: I use Parts Locator, especially the last couple years with inventory being difficult. We’re able to source a lot of things from dealers in other states, and we have a lot of dealers that are calling us as well. It’s also been a good tool to help move some old inventory.

A lot of parts management, trying to track sales for what we need to have next month and three months from now to keep inventory correct. As far as reporting goes, we are using monthly financials comparative to last year. We use a lot of actual inventory reports to just keep our parts inventory clean.


Can you share your experience with the Ideal support team?

Justin: When we started with Ideal, we had an Ideal employee come out and do onsite training with probably 15 or 20 of our guys across our company. We really got started quickly, and no hold ups.

What would you say to dealerships that are considering Ideal?

Justin: If another dealer is using something outdated, I would definitely try to push them towards Ideal, and save them a ton of time. And honestly, they’ll make more money and save money and not have wasted expenses.