Conquering the Challenges of Inventory Tracking: Mountainland’s Journey with Ideal

Brian Nuttall, Regional Manager- Salt Lake City, Utah

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Like most dealerships, Mountainland Supply company found themselves struggling with inventory management. From problems with inventory reporting to tracking inaccuracies the issues started to pile up until they eventually reached a breaking point and had to make a change.

Find out what they did and their incredible journey to dealership success in the video below!

What were some challenges your dealership faced before using Ideal?

Brian: We used a system called Fishbowl, which wasn’t a really good system for reporting, pulling reports on mechanics, labor, or whole goods that were sold. Inventory tracking wasn’t great and that’s the main reason we were looking for another system.

What features do you use most within Ideal?

Brian: We use work order tracking. We use that a lot. The whole goods module – where we can pull serial numbers, we can find when a piece of equipment was sold, who we sold it to. The tracking system is really good with Ideal.

What was your experience using Ideals reporting capabilities?

Brian: Same with the reports we can pull. If I’m doing a spring order for a manufacturer, I can pull what my history was. I don’t have to rely on them to send me the history. I can pull it from my system.