Thornhill Lawn Equipment Immediately Benefits from Industry-Specific Software Features

Thornhill Lawn EquipmentPerhaps the biggest advantage to having the Ideal business management software in your business is the immediate benefits you gain from running your dealership with a program that speaks your language and is fully-equipped to handle your industry. Read on to see how John Engelsman of Thornhill Lawn Equipment made the switch from non-industry specific software to Ideal and how it’s benefited his business.


You recently implemented Ideal’s business management system into your business. Can you tell us how were you running your dealership prior to Ideal?

John: “For years we had struggled with the software system we were running for our business. It was like performing home dentistry on your mother in law! Sure it gave us the basic functions for inventory, sales and accounting, but it was never designed for the Outdoor Power Equipment industry. We had to modify it to suit our shop needs, which honestly was like teaching a wild boar to make you a cup of tea. Nonetheless, we dealt with what we had although we experience frequent system shut downs.”


What made you choose Ideal?

John: “After the last software meltdown, I felt it was time to upgrade our software, so I set out on a quest to find something that was suitable for our business, yet easy for our staff to handle. I scaled the mountains, like Sir Edmund, and plunged the depths, like Cousteau. Across this vast planet I traveled in search of the Holy Grail of software! I stumbled upon many systems. While many looked appealing, they were just not what I was looking for. I had to turn them away like a senior citizen refusing meds during an episode of Jeopardy! But seriously, I did some searching on the Internet and came across Ideal Computer Systems. ‘What is this?’ I thought to myself. ‘A software package that’s actually designed for the Outdoor Power Equipment industry?’

I requested some information and traveled to another local dealer who used Ideal. He was gracious enough to show me how well the software works in their dealership. After his quick tutorial, and a free lunch, I knew Ideal was just what I was looking for.

I’d say the main reason I chose Ideal was simply because it was set up for the Outdoor Power Equipment industry and since our launch March 1, 2013, I could not be happier with my decision. In the past we would rely on hand-written notes for work order control and inventory ordering. With Ideal, everything is just a keyboard click away. Every aspect of our day-to-day operations can be easily accessed from work orders, to inventory control, to sales orders.”


What kind of effect has this had on your business?

John: “There are several things. When a customer calls in to inquire on their work order or sales status, I can answer the inquiry within seconds. This conveys a real professional outlook to that customer. It gives people confidence that they are dealing with the right shop and not some mom and pop joint that scribbles everything down on the back of a matchbook cover.

Warranty repairs used to scare us. With Ideal, the way warranties are handles is so user friendly and easy to track that even sea monkeys like us can handle it!

Tracking inventory with Ideal is also a key time saver thanks to pre-loaded price lists. The purchase orders practically create themselves when parts or product have to be specially ordered in. The efficiency of work order handling means our mechanics have less down time fumbling through needless paper work. Our counter staff has the ability to check in a unit for repair in a mere matter of minutes and can get the client back on their way.

I’d say that keeping an eye on your business could not be easier with Ideal. There are many reports to help you track sales, profits, percentages and my mechanics performances. There’s also the dashboard feature which gives you a daily bar graph overview all on one screen. It kind of makes you feel like Captain Kirk!

Bottom line is that Ideal is the perfect match for our company. Its straightforward simplicity makes this the ultimate software for the OPE dealer and I have not regretted my decision.”