IMPORTANT information on protecting your Ideal system


There are viruses out there that are causing serious issues with computer systems and affecting Ideal customers.

These viruses can and will cause major problems with your computers and your Ideal software, and can even destroy the livelihood of your business. Please read the following information to help prevent these viruses from attacking your business.

How do viruses affect your Ideal system?

Any virus can affect your system in a variety of different ways:
– It can have a direct impact on your files in Ideal which could cause anywhere from a couple of days, to an entire loss of business data.
– It can cause any of your backup files to become corrupt, which could result in a potential loss of your Ideal data.
– Merchant Services vendors could discontinue their services if you get overrun with viruses and you could incur some compliance and security issues to get your CIP service turned back on.

What steps should you take to prevent these viruses?


This doesn’t just apply to surfing the Internet. Many contracted viruses also come from clicking links in emails. If you receive an email that includes a link that you are unsure of, or not familiar with, do not click it!

You can also contract viruses by installing web browser toolbars, fake program updates, and fake anti-virus installations. You can read more about what is and isn’t safe to download by clicking here:

What should you do if you suspect you have these viruses?

You have a variety of options:

– If you have a reputable local tech that you trust, contact them.
– Contact your anti-virus provider.
– If you purchased computers from Ideal, you can send them in for re-formatting. Keep in mind that there is a $150/hr service charge.

Note: For those who are running our online backup – To aid us in minimizing the damage to the backups, we ask that you make a note of the date you first noticed the virus. That way we can backtrack, contact our provider, and eliminate any of the backups after that date. This will prevent the potential of restoring infected data on your freshly re-installed machines.

It’s important to note that as your dealer management system provider, we feel it’s necessary to keep you in the loop about virus protection and how to prevent it from happening to you, but we are not certified to deal with infections, nor do we support dealing with them. It’s best to contact a professional who specializes in virus protection and clean-up.

Please do everything that you can to try and minimize viruses affecting your Ideal system. This information will save you a great deal of time, money, stress, and frustration.

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