How OPE Dealers Use Ideal to Boost Dealership Profitability & Productivity

Finding the perfect dealership management system (DMS) can be challenging. What works for one dealership might not work for another. One thing’s for sure – the best DMS is one that helps all the different departments of a dealership work together.  

We can tell you why Ideal may be the perfect fit for your dealership, but we’ll let our dealers do the talking. Here’s what Ideal users had to say about the many features of our dealership management software that have helped them boost their dealership’s bottom-line profitability, run more efficiently, and increase productivity.  

Keep everything organized within Ideal’s Dealership Management Software 

There are many moving parts in a dealership – from customer service to work orders to invoices. Keeping everything organized and ensuring that your dealership runs smoothly is no easy task.  

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Ideal helps you stay organized and on top of your dealership’s operations. Here’s what Ideal users had to say: 

Why Dealers Love Ideal Quote 1

Tim Goff, General Manager, Goff’s Equipment Services, Inc 

Why Dealers Love Ideal Quote 2

Bob Haight, Owner, Haight’s Mobile Maintenance 

Streamline communications and improve service department efficiency with TargetCRM 

TargetCRM is designed to help you connect with your customers through tailored marketing communications. This software integrates effortlessly with mobile devices, making it easier for dealers to connect and communicate with customers through text messaging, e-mails, and surveys.  

Here’s what dealers had to say about their experience with TargetCRM: 

Why Dealers Love Ideal Quote 3

Michael Melton, Owner, Power Haus Equipment 

Why Dealers Love Ideal Quote 4

Cody Armstrong, Co-Owner, ATS Outdoors 

Protect your dealership from cyber threats and keep data secure within Ideal Cloud 

According to Roger Grimes, Data Evangelist at KnowB4, there are on average, 4,000 – 20,000+ new cyber threats a year, or 11-55 new threats per day. Transitioning from on-premises dealership systems to a cloud system can help boost your security.  

At Ideal, we have a team of IT professionals who monitor your server 24/7 to help take care of all the complicated technology so you can focus on what matters. Here’s what dealers had to say about making the switch to Ideal Cloud: 

Why Dealers Love Ideal Quote 5

Cody Armstrong, Co-Owner, ATS Outdoors 

Why Dealers Love Ideal Quote 6

Bob Haight, Owner, Haight’s Mobile Maintenance 

Find affordable parts near you and sell old stock with Parts Locator 

Parts Locator is a search tool within Ideal that lets you quickly look up the parts you need at nearby dealerships. The easy-to-use search functionality lets you narrow your search for parts based on criteria, such as distance and quantity.  

You can also allow other dealers to see what you have in stock so they can buy parts from you. Here’s why dealers love using Parts Locator 

Why Dealers Love Ideal Quote 7

Don Stewart, Owner and General Manager, Stewart’s Power Equipment 

Why Dealers Love Ideal Quote 8

Marty Shipman, Inventory Specialist, Twin Pines Power Equipment 

Stay connected to your dealership – no matter where you are – with the Ideal Mobile App 

In the age of convenience, keeping connected to your dealership anytime, anywhere is a necessity. Our mobile app allows you to take your workstation anywhere and keep you connected to your dealership.  

One of our first mobile app users, Frank Buchanan, Parts Manager at Mike’s Lawnmower, shared his experience with the app: 

Why Dealers Love Ideal Quote 9

Frank Buchanan, Parts Manager, Mike’s Lawnmower 

Reliable training and support you can trust from The Ideal team 

It’s hard to navigate new waters without some guidance. But our support team is here to help you every step of the way. We have a dedicated support team that understands how dealerships operate and want to help your dealership succeed.  

We’ve helped over 2,500 dealers manage their businesses and reduce inefficiencies. No problem is too big or small for our support team.  

Why Dealers Love Ideal Quote 10

 Linda Skillern, CFO, G5 Feed & Outdoor 

Why Dealers Love Ideal Quote 11

Gina White, Office Manager, Harbor Saw and Supply 

Boost Dealership Profitability & Productivity with Ideal 

 Ideal’s proven solutions equip your dealership with progressive, problem-solving tools that help you overcome outdated, inefficient processes. For more than 30 years, we have pioneered new and exciting dealership technologies. 

From reporting dashboards that give you insights into how your dealership is doing, to our exclusive Parts Locator tool that lets you find and sell parts from other dealers, we’re committed to providing dealers with unique and innovative solutions.  

Solutions that scale with your business and help you overcome any market changes, so you never have to switch software again.  

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