DMS vs Quickbooks: Finding The Right Fit For Your Dealership

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Are you using QuickBooks for your dealership?

Check out how it compares to a more focused dealership performance software, such as Ideal.




Compare QuickBook with Ideal
Small and Mid-Sized Dealers

Customer Focus and Orientation

No specific focus made for everyone

Preferred Dealers

No preferred dealers due to the commitment to all types of businesses and industries.

Areas of Business

Grows with the industry and develops features based off the needs and feedback from dealer reviews.

Product Development and Innovation

Based off feedback from a variety of businesses, neglecting specific dealer needs as a result.



All-In-One System

Allows dealers to monitor and manage all their departments and processes from a single interface.  

Helps businesses, some of which may be dealerships, monitor and manage their accounting and point-of-sale operations.

Floor Planning

Tracks units sold, but not paid to determine exactly how much the dealership owes to the floor checker.


Does not provide any sort of floor planning, making floor checker visits needlessly expensive.

Price List Updates

Provides dealers with automatic manufacturer price updates due to integrations with key industry suppliers like Stihl, Suzuki and many others.


Does not allow automatic manufacturer price list updates, leading to manual entry and errors.

Purchase Order Creation

Automatically generates complete part information for purchase order forms, helping dealers save time.

Does not automatically generate complete part information for purchase order forms, leading to manual entry and errors.

Warranty Reconciliation

Allows dealers to automatically reconcile warranty claims. Does not provide any sort of automatic warranty reconciliation, leading to additional time spent on hunting down each claim.

Tech Efficiency

Keeps dealers updated on the efficiency and profitability of their technology both individually and as a unit. Does not provide dealers with an effective way to track efficiency, leading to lost profits.

Product Updates

Values dealership feedback and makes it a priority when developing future updates. Does not provide updates based on dealer feedback.


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