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Ideal Computer Systems has added two new, cutting-edge features to its mobile app to help dealership technicians boost their efficiency.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, February 19, 2018 โ€“ Ideal Computer Systems, a leading industry-specific dealership software vendor in North America, is pleased to announce the inclusion of new, cutting-edge features to its dealer mobile application that allow dealership employees to create work orders and technicians add parts to them.

Prior to this, mobile app users had to return to a designated terminal every time they wanted to check in a unit for service. Thanks to the latest changes, service managers can now rely on the app to accomplish most of their daily tasks truly โ€œon the goโ€ โ€“ and dramatically increase their productivity.

โ€œItโ€™s a much more self-contained and service manager-friendly product now,โ€ said Ajay Thakur, the General Manager of Ideal. โ€œI think thatโ€™s the reason why so many service managers are very pleased with it.โ€

The ability to create work orders within the mobile app has been one of the most highly requested features among Idealโ€™s customers, particularly service managers. With its implementation, more dealerships have decided to fully embrace the app than ever before.

With the Ideal mobile app, dealers can also perform inventory counts as well as collect payments and customer signatures.

โ€œItโ€™s a real milestone for us,โ€ said Thakur. โ€œItโ€™s also yet another example of how listening to your customers can yield great results. As always, weโ€™re very grateful for their continued passion for our product.โ€

Ideal has made a habit of collecting customer feedback on a regular basis to make sure its products always deliver an experience that aligns with customer expectations. Thatโ€™s the primary reason the Ideal software so closely resembles the way a dealership actually operates.

To see the Ideal mobile app in action, check out this short demo video.

About Ideal Computer Systems

Many dealers struggle to manage their dealership having to use multiple systems and often duplicating the data. Ideal gives dealers all the tools they need to manage each aspect of their business in one, easy-to-use software โ€“ backed up by 30+ years of industry experience.

With an all-in-one software, dealers are able to automate processes, gain control of their dealership and have peace of mind.