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Ideal CloudCedar Rapids, IA, August 25, 2020 – Ideal Computer Systems, a leading industry-specific dealership software vendor in North America, is pleased to announce Ideal Cloud, an all-new platform that allows dealers to significantly reduce the amount of time and money it takes to maintain their dealership management system, while retaining all of its features and benefits.

Since Ideal Cloud stores data remotely, on a highly secure server, and does not require dealers to install any software locally, it eliminates the high cost of hardware and saves time on regular software updates, backups and maintenance. As a result, dealers can access their system from anywhere, at any time, which unties them from any specific location.

Those who are concerned about losing their data in the event of a disaster need not worry since they can recover it almost immediately, at no extra cost.

Several dealers have already had a chance to make full use of Ideal Cloud, and their thoughts are very positive.

“We’ve been doing pretty darn well,” Josh Hietpas from Sport-O-Motive. “I like the fact that we don’t have to do updates. It makes life easier and smoother. Speed-wise, Ideal Cloud is fantastic. Before, it was very time-consuming to try to open any tab. Now, it is 10 times quicker. Everything has been better and smoother.”

“If you’re spending too much time and money on managing your server, and you’d like a much, much more cost-effective alternative, Ideal Cloud is the perfect fit for you,” said Ideal General Manager Ajay Thakur. “You also gain a peace of mind knowing that our team is here to support you and keep your data safe.”

To learn more about Ideal Cloud and all its benefits, be sure to visit this page.

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Many dealers struggle to manage their dealership having to use multiple systems and often duplicating the data. Ideal gives dealers all the tools they need to manage each aspect of their business in one, easy-to-use software – backed up by 30+ years of industry experience.

With an all-in-one software, dealers are able to automate processes, gain control of their dealership and have peace of mind. To learn more about Ideal, visit: