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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, March 25, 2019 โ€“ Ideal Computer Systems, a leading industry-specific dealership software vendor in North America, is pleased to announce that its General Manager, Ajay Thakur, has recently participated in a Business Management System Software and Website Services Q&A for Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) magazine.
OPE Magazine March Issue

In the Q&A, Thakur discusses the companyโ€™s current trajectory and latest industry trends. He also addresses the fact that Idealโ€™s parent company, Constellation Software Inc., acquired c-Systems Software Inc. โ€“ Idealโ€™s biggest competitor.

โ€œIdeal and c-Systems represent the largest and most capable dealer network in the outdoor power equipment industry,โ€ says Thakur in the Q&A. โ€œThrough our combined efforts, we are excited to provide innovation, new capabilities and operational efficiencies to these dealers, so they can continue to successfully differentiate themselves from big-box retailers.โ€

In addition, Thakur talks about the release of Idealโ€™s new Dealer Insight Report & Trends (DIRT) tool, which allows dealers to measure their business performance and see how they compare to their peers across the country. To learn more about DIRT, visit

Thakur states that the biggest focus for the company is on mobile applications and analytics tools like DIRT.

โ€œLike many businesses today, OPE dealers are looking to leverage the latest tools to make themselves more efficient and accessible to their customers,โ€ says Thakur. โ€œThis in turn will help them compete against big-box retailers and online juggernauts like Amazon more effectively. After all, big data and convenience are some of the biggest factors behind Amazonโ€™s success. OPE dealers see that, and they want the same.โ€

To get more answers from Ajay Thakur, be sure to check out page 16 of the March 2019 issue of Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) magazine.

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Many dealers struggle to manage their dealership having to use multiple systems and often duplicating the data. Ideal gives dealers all the tools they need to manage each aspect of their business in one, easy-to-use software โ€“ backed up by 30+ years of industry experience.

With an all-in-one software, dealers are able to automate processes, gain control of their dealership and have peace of mind.