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David Dismuke National SalesCedar Rapids, Iowa, June 26, 2019 โ€“ Ideal Computer Systems and c-Systems Software Inc., two leading industry-specific dealership software vendors in North America, are pleased to jointly announce that David Dismuke has joined them as the new National Sales Leader.

His mission is to develop a high-performing team of field sales representatives for Ideal and c-Systems, who will engage with existing customers and new prospects, improve customer business, lead technological changes in the industry while working with industry consultants and stakeholders.

David has more than 30 years of experience in sales and sales management, alongside a proven track record of top performance, having worked for companies like Infor, Oracle, Team Velocity, CDK Global and ย The Reynolds + Reynolds Co. He has seen how a dealership management system can improve business performance in other industries and wants to do the same for the markets that Ideal and c-Systems serve.

Weโ€™re looking to bring in as many talented people as possible,โ€ said David. โ€œThere are plenty of dealers in North America that still donโ€™t have an adequate dealership management system. Thatโ€™s why we need to get in front of as many of them as we can โ€“ and show them, in person, how our products can elevate their business, which of course, requires a large team of sales representatives.

David is definitely someone who knows the industry,โ€ said Ajay Thakur, the General Manager of Ideal and c-Systems. โ€œBoth companies already offer outstanding products. What David can do for us is bring the best practices from other dealership industries to our industry, so that we can be even more effective at selling our products.

When David is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife, Carroll, and dog, Izzie.ย  He is also an automotive enthusiast who loves collecting and working on his cars. He engages in ย plenty of athletic activities, such as working out, jogging, golfing, boating, water skiing and fishing.

David is an active member in his community, volunteering and participating with his church and charitable organizations like Action for Autism, Pedal the Cause, Epilepsy Foundation and the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

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