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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, April 12, 2021 — Ideal Computer Systems, a leading industry-specific dealership software vendor in North America, is delighted to announce that they have released a mobile app for their TargetCRM. Ideal’s TargetCRM is an automated sales and marketing platform designed to help dealers turn their one-time customers into repeat buyers, all year-round. With the new mobile app, dealers can enable their entire team to manage business communications from anywhere. This app is also available to customers of Ideal’s sister company, C-Systems, and will become available to customers of their other sister company, Charter ASPEN, in the coming months.

With TargetCRM, dealers can:

  • Automatically survey their customers after every sale and repair to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction by department, at each location.
  • Refer happy customers to Google and Facebook, where they can leave positive reviews, to help your dealership stand out from the competition online.
  • Connect with happy customers via targeted text and email promotions, using data like distance, purchase history, category, and more.
  • Engage customers via text messaging, eliminating phone tags and reducing voicemails by at least 80%, and ensuring the messages they receive are relevant.
  • And more!

The TargetCRM mobile app will extend these benefits to the palm of your hand, providing dealers with the flexibility to manage two-way text messaging with customers, send and receive pictures, and update customers in their DMS—directly from their mobile devices. That means dealers will be able to provide even better and faster customer service, manage lead interactions on the go, and improve overall team productivity significantly.

“Dealers are connecting with their customers and closing deals twice as fast with TargetCRM’s mobile app,” says Tim Berman, Innovation Manager at Ideal Computer Systems. “It’s the first app in the industry to equip your team with the tools to connect closely with leads and customers, using your business phone numbers and dealership customer database while also remaining fully compatible with your team’s existing phones and tablets. No more unsolicited after-hours calls on nights and weekends due to using personal phone numbers!”

The app is available for both Android and iOS, at no additional charge to customers already using TargetCRM.


About Ideal Computer Systems

Many dealers struggle with having to use multiple systems to run their dealership, often leading to duplicate data and other inefficiencies. Ideal gives dealers all the tools they need to manage each aspect of their business in one, easy-to-use software – backed up by 30+ years of industry experience.

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