How 54 Lawn and Garden Optimizes Daily Operations with IDEAL

Nestled in the heart of Paris, Tennessee, 54 Lawn and Garden has been a beloved fixture in the community since its doors first opened in March 1992. Known for its quality lawn mowers, turf equipment, and a diverse range of outdoor living products, this family-owned business stands out for its dedication to excellence and community service.54 lawn and garden

We sat down with one of the proud owners, Everett Yoder, who recently shared insights into the evolution of their business and the crucial role that IDEAL dealership management software plays in their operations.

Recalling the early days of using basic DOS-based software, Everett highlighted how transitioning to IDEAL has revolutionized their ability to manage growing inventories and customer demands more efficiently.

What was going on in your business when you decided to get IDEAL?

Everett: “Back in the 90s, we were still in the DOS era. We started out with a software out of Oklahoma called Part Search 5 and it became too small for our dealership. There were too many records, and it became very slow and laggy.

So we searched around, and I remember getting the Power Equipment Trade Magazine. I really liked looking through that to see what other dealers were doing. There were ads in there, and I think that’s where I checked into IDEAL.”

How has IDEAL helped you manage your dealership?

Everett: “When we first started, it was DOS, and it really automated our processes. As time went on, they switched to Windows. There were things about the DOS that I missed, but as time went on, the Windows version became more stable and many improvements were added over the years and automated our processes to streamline our business in many areas.”

What do you like most about IDEAL?

Everett: “We do like the simplicity of it. Creating work orders, sales orders, and so forth works real good.”

Do you have any advice for someone in the market for a dealership management software?

Everett: “I would say that it will greatly enhance and automate their processes. It saves labor and time, and we really like our software.”

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